"What the F.A.Q.? "


Over the years I've had the chance to chat with tons of fans online, as well as answer thousands of curious emails. Several questions seem to keep coming up, however, so I've decided to compile the most frequently asked right HERE for you to peruse.

So be warned!!! If you pop up online or email me with any of the queries below, THIS is the page I'll be sending you to!


Are any of the SKW ladies available for private wrestling sessions?

Sleeperkid says: NOPE! With the exception of some session wrestlers that VISIT the site for shoots (Gia Primo, Little Jeane, Lady Victoria, Kyla Luciano, etc) none of the girls in the SKW roster are available for private sessions. Any visitor that does provide session work will be announced as such when they visit...otherwise, (like Keri, Dominique, Bobcat, Brandi Wine, etc) they too are unavailable for private sessions!

Oh...and Sleeperkid ain't available for sessions, either. Oh...and thanks for never asking, you insensitive JERKS!!!
(*walks away while sobbing*)


How do you get these beautiful girls to engage in this freaky activity without having them look at you like some sort of psycho?

Sleeperkid says: The problem, dear fans, lies within the phrasing of the question above. If you think non-erotic and non-nude pro wrestling/fantasy combat is "freaky", then you've obviously never seen anything online outside of 90% of the SKW girls are long time friends of mine who were asked to check out the site to see if it was something that would appeal to them. When they'd say it looked fun, we then asked them to give it a try. The experience is usually such a blast for them (and it pays well, too!) that they keep coming back for more. The fact that we run a very laid-back company is a key element, as well as the fact that we all usually go out for drinks after a taping! But most of all, the girls are never pressured to do anything they feel uncomfortable with and are asked to set their own limits in terms of what they will/will not wear/do in a Sleeperkid video/photoset. We also display zero nudity/erotica on the site, which is a big source of comfort for potential wrestlers.


How do I get my significant other to wrestle? Won't they think it's weird, slap me in the face for being deviant, and leave me on the spot?

Sleeperkid says: The only deviant thing you could pull on a significant other is not being up front and honest about your particular likes/dislikes. Also, if you present it as something freakish and "weird", then he/she may see it the same way, as opposed to presenting it as something fun you'd like to try.

I'm sure your partner would prefer acting out your fantasies with you than having you go to a session wrestler behind his/her back! Think of it this way...if your guy/girl came up to you and asked you to try something completely different with them that you knew they'd get a lot of joy out of, wouldn't you do it just to see that look of happiness on his/her face? If your answer is yes, then he/she would probably do the same for you...and would probably end up having a blast!


Why the hell do you charge $49.99 for your tapes/DVDs? Isn't that INSANELY expensive?

Sleeperkid says: The price is high, but the amount of work we put into each release is even higher. Each Sleeperkid release is the product of a full day's effort (sometimes more) from SK and his wrestlers, whose goal is to make the features worth every penny, and then some. Those who have purchased our work have had nothing but positive things to say at our REVIEWS BOARD, and we will continue to strive for excellence in all of our current and future video/photo projects.

Also...we're sure you've noticed that the site's content (50,000 + pics, over 90 free clips, etc) is 100% free. That means ZERO membership fees. In other words, the only income we receive comes from video/DVD sales and occasional custom orders.

For those who can't afford the DVDs/videos, we suggest visiting, where the prices are lower and the product is available for PPV download!


I'm a girl who wants to wrestle for your site, but I have ZERO experience and I'm afraid I'm not as pretty as your other girls!
Is there no hope?

Sleeperkid says: The only thing we demand from potential SKW girls is that they have fun while working on our projects. They should also be laid back and easy-going for we do NOT tolerate Diva-esque attitudes and/or holier-than-thou personality types. We do NOT discriminate based on experience and/or physical appearance. Sleeperkid, who has received training from pro wrestling instructors, drama coaches, and stunt fight coordinators/choreographers will gladly work with and train any girl that wishes to audition for the site. Believe it or not, 99% of the girls at SKW had ZERO wrestling experience before joining the roster!

That remaining 1% is JESSLE. :-)


Are any of the KOs on your site REAL? Have any of your girls been injured during a match?

Sleeperkid says: With the exception of Jessle accidentally drawing blood from Sleeperkid's mouth in "PUNK ROCK", there have been zero injuries at SKW (Damn you, Mohawked-One!). NONE of our KOs are ever real...although Angelina actually fell asleep while acting "unconscious" in THE COLLECTOR 3 (bwa ha ha!). We would never consider performing a real knockout in a video or don't ask!


Hey Sleeperkid, I'm an insensitive douchebag with a tiny penis, can I post insulting messages and/or spam on your messageboards and yahoo groups?

Sleeperkid says: Sure, go ahead. Just expect to be deleted and banned within minutes of your post, giving you enough time that day to move out of your mom's basement.


How come your girls never do any COMPETITIVE grappling on your site? You know, where a wrestler has to actually tap out from real pain?

Sleeperkid says: While we fully appreciate that kind of action, we prefer to leave it to the pros...AKA: those who have trained for such fights and know the safety measures/limits that go along with them. Such battles as performed by experienced girls are indeed a marvel to watch, but when engaged in by unexperienced wrestlers, the same kind of fight can be risky and potentially dangerous to both participants.

Also, this site grew from the creator's love of the pro-fantasy aspect of wrestling, and will continue to run loosely on that theme, with the emphasis being on roleplay and safety. For pure competitive action, we can recommend dozens of other sites you can visit. Feel free to email us and we'll get you started in that direction!


A guy actually WINS against a girl in your videos. What gives? Is this a site for misogynistic wife beaters?

Sleeperkid says: No one has a higher level of respect for women than this site's founder does. He abhors any real violence perpetrated on women and would never create product that could be considered brutal, misogynistic, or degrading to a female. The reasons we produce matches where the female loses to the male are simple:

1) Many of these videos are from custom scripts sent in and paid for by the fans themselves.

2) There are already a billion sites out there that feature a 110lb girl scissoring a 250 lb submissive male for an hour in a "mixed match". We are simply providing a rare alternative to that kind of material.

3) Sleeperkid grew up watching pro-wrestling, which relied heavily (at the time) on the jobber/heel "squash" mentality. The loser in these matches was always the "cute" girl (examples: Alison Royal, Malia Hosaka, Cheryl Rusa) that the fans rooted for, while the winner was always a meaner-looking and physically overbearing wrestler whose job it was to make the audience hate his/her guts (examples: Black Widow, Big Bad Mama, the WWE's Jazz, etc)! With this in mind, Sleeperkid's mixed matches usually has the female lose...because as we all know, Sleeperkid himself is NEVER the "cuter" fighter!

And yes, he's learned to accept that :-)

PS: We receive many emails praising the female losing in our mixed matches. 60% of those emails are (surpsingly enough) from female fans and wrestlers that appreciate our take on it. As for the SKW wrestlers, they actually prefer to lose in said matches...simply because being the "jobber" (or loser) is "easier and doesn't involve heavy lifting."



Come on, Sleeperkid...why can't I have a video full of punches and kicks to the crotch? Or how about some FULL FORCE belly punching? What about facesitting...that's a real wrestling move, right? So is the crotch claw, man. Come on...PLEEEEEASE??

Sleeperkid says: *Sighs*...Although we occasionally throw a "low-blow" in with some of our pro matches (inspired by ones we've seen in legit feds), any extended attacks to the crotch would be considered a fixation on a female erogenous zone, and not subject for addition to any custom match we'd ever shoot. Requests for extended "crotch and ass" shots, for example, would also be rejected. As for the "facesit", we do NOT consider it to be a legitimate wrestling hold as much as we view it for what it really is: a purely erotic excuse to get a woman to place her genitals on someone's nose and mouth. The only way we'd ever shoot anything resembling that particular tactic is if RIKISHI were to drop by for an SKW match. No pun intended, my dear facesit fan, but I wouldn't hold hold your breath.

As for full-force belly punching, it is something we would never consider shooting. We do allow the girls to set their own limits when it comes to taking/giving punches, but even if a wrestler were to request such a scene with them in it, we would kindly turn them down. A full force punch, much like a full force sleeper hold, can be potentially deadly and damaging to a human being's body. Since we happen to LOVE the human beings that work at SKW, it's a scene you'll never see created here.

For that kind of material, I recommend the UFC.


Hey, SK...does it bother you when I instant message you the night before an update and keep asking if it's ready yet?

Sleeperkid says: Hmmmm...does it bother me, you ask? Let me counter that query with one of my own:

Have you ever been doing a favor for a friend...something you have no obligation to do (applying some finish to his hardwood outdoor deck, for example)...only to have him tap your shoulder every ten minutes and ask you to hurry the %&#$ up? If this hasn't happened to you, then try to put yourself in that scenario for a few seconds. Then, and only then, would you be able to guess what my answer would be to the aforementioned question.



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