During the course of one day, all three of my roommates 
managed to piss me off beyond description. Sandra, the youngest 
of the group at 16, left a ton of dishes unwashed and told me to 
fuck off when I caught her leaving them behind. Jamie, the 18 
year old gymnastics instructor, shrunk all of my favorite T-shirts 
in the wash. And last, but not least, 17 year old LeAnne left my 
CD's thrown across my floor and "forgot" to pick them up. What 
did they all have in common? Two things: Neither bitch 
apologized, and all three were in for some pain.
It was about 6 pm that evening when they all ceremoniously 
escaped to the privacy of their rooms. I went into mine and 
changed into a green sports bra and matching bikini bottom. With 
no clothing to weigh me down, I stepped over to LeAnne's room and 
slowly turned the knob. It was unlocked. Music blared from 
Jamie's room across the hall, so I knew she wouldn't hear a thing 
from me and little LeAnne. Sandra's room was a basement/apartment 
downstairs, so I was safe in my quest for revenge.
I kicked Leanne's door open and saw her standing there, in 
her white cotton panties and black bra. 
"What the fuck do you want?" she demanded instantly.
I shut the door behind me and said nothing.
"So?" she continued, "what do you.....UNNNNGHH!"
I ran up and kicked her deep in the belly. She flew back 
against the wall. There was the sound of oxygen flying through 
her cheeks as the air left her lungs. I reached for her long brown 
hair and stood her up, sending my knee deep into her crotch.
"Uhhhhgggggg!" was all that came from the LeAnne as she 
reflexively bent over. I slid my hand into the aching place 
between her legs and pulled upwards, hoisting the girl into the 
air. I slammed her to the carpet and she connected nicely. Her 
legs and arms fell into an X shape as the back of her head 
connected with the not-so-soft carpet. She moaned softly, still 
wondering what was happening to her. I placed my foot on her 
belly stepped down hard. A series of coughs, groans, and gasps 
poured out of LeAnne in an unstoppable flow.
great from where I was standing. Her legs kicked and then slowly 
went limp as she was overcome with the intense pain. I relaxed my 
foot and knelt beside my groaning roommate.
"Say 'I'm sorry'!" I demanded, grinning widely.
"Unnnnnnnnhhhh..." was all that came out of LeAnne, and it 
gave me the perfect excuse to keep up my work on her.
I stood up and braced my right elbow with my hand. I leaned 
over and fell to the side in a modified elbow drop. It sank deep 
into LeAnne's gut, and her legs kicked again reflexively. I 
rushed back to my feet and repeated the move immediately.
"OOOOF!" LeAnne sputtered, and I could see the spittle 
forming on her bottom lip. I almost felt sorry for the girl.
I sat her up and positioned myself behind her. 
"One by one," I whispered in her ear. "You're all going 
"Unnnnnnn.." she muttered, and then, to my surprise, spoke, 
"what are you doing?...."
I laughed as I spread my legs wide and placed the back of 
LeAnne's head against the crotch of my green panties.
"Let's just say it's bedtime for the three of you." I 
replied, and wrapped my muscular thighs around the girl's neck.
"" she pleaded.
I braced myself, ignoring her. I took a deep breath and 
readied myself.
"Please....." she continued, and then, "UNHHHHHHH!"
I placed my legs in a figure four position around LeAnne's 
head and squeezed, holding myself up with my hands, laying all the 
pressure on my thighs.
I constricted my legs to their limit for 10 seconds, then 
"Ooooooooh..." my roommate managed.
I repeated my squeeze for 20 seconds.
I sighed and topped it off with a full 40 second squeeze.
LeAnne's legs and arms began to flail as she realized where 
she was headed. At 10 seconds, her legs began to sag slowly, 
falling to the carpet like logs. At 20 seconds, her arms ceased 
flailing and instead began clawing at my thighs. All to no avail, 
of course. At 30, her arms drifted to her sides slowly, almost 
gracefully, as she began to black out. At 35, her grunts and 
groans transformed into an almost peaceful breathing pattern as 
her eyes fluttered and then slowly shut. At 40, LeAnne was out 
cold in my legs. I released her and she slumped back like a rag 
doll. Completely unconscious.
"One down..." I whispered to my friend in dreamland. "Two 
to go..."
I slid my arms under her limp frame and picked her up 
easily. At 6'2, 180 pounds, I was easily the most powerful girl 
in the house. It had never occured to me that I would have to use 
that against my roommates, but it was happening, and I was 
enjoying the hell out of it.
I placed LeAnne's body over my left shoulder in a fireman's 
carry and walked over to Jamie's door. Techno music boomed 
through the walls as I kicked the door hard.
"What, what, what?" Jamie responded impatiently as she 
lowered the music's volume. "Who is it?"
"It's Lisa," I replied.
"What do you want? I'm practicing my floor excercise!"
To techno? I thought absently.
"Something's wrong with LeAnne." I said.
"Okay, " she said indifferently, "What is it this time?"
The door unlocked and swung open. Jamie stood there, sweat 
on her red gymnast body-suit. She had pushed the bed vertically 
against the wall to make room for practice. I smiled. It was 
almost too perfect. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes widened 
when she saw the load I was carrying.
"My God?" she exclaimed, "What happened?"
"I don't know," was my answer as I stepped into her room, 
kicking the door shut behind me. "She passed out, I think."
I lowered LeAnne's limp frame to the exreme right side of 
Jamie's room. The girl would be out for at least another hour. 
More than enough time.
"Check her out, Jamie." I suggested, "You took the first aid 
class, not me."
"Okay," she replied, kneeling by LeAnne. I slowly 
sidestepped my way to Jamie's back.
"Geez.." she said, "I don't know what's wrong....LeAnne? 
Wake up....LeAnne?"
"Jamie?" I called out sweetly.
"What?" she replied, slapping at LeAnne's cheeks. 
"Why didn't you apologize for the T-shirts?"
She didn't even turn to me when she handed me a sarcastic 
"Oh shit, girl...give me a fucking break...." was her 
I sat down behind her and shovd myself forward, letting my 
legs circle around her waist.
"What the fuck..." she said, and then I squeezed in a hard 
body scissors.
"UNNNH!" was her surprised reply as I pulled her back on her 
ass. She began to cough and groan violently as I put all the 
pressure I could on her ribs and belly. "OOOOOOOOHHHH!" she 
continued, attempting to turn around. She managed to do just 
that, and I immediately released the hold. Before she could 
move, however, I sent a flying sidekick to her belly. I felt the 
side of my foot sink in through her nylon body suit as I pushed 
her back with the kick. Her eyes flew open and her cheeks puffed 
out a ton of air as she flew back on the carpet.
I stood up quickly as she pushed herself up by using her 
back against one of the corners of her wall. Her breathing was 
heavy, and she had obviously been weakened by the scissors. I 
stepped to the opposite corner of her room and waited for her to 
stand up completely, bracing myself in a runner's starting 
position. She was still groaning when I ran directly towards her.
Leaning in with my shoulder, I executed a perfect tackle 
that connected deeply with Jamie's belly. Her legs buckled and 
her upper torso lunged forward in response.
incredible decibel level. I ran back to my corner and braced 
once again.
"Unnnggggh..." Jamie said, her belly heaving as she 
attempted to rub the pain out of it. ""
The second tackle connected harder because she had begun to 
step forward. So not only did she get it full on the belly, but 
she was once agin slammed aginst the corner. I felt my shoulder 
flow into the deepest pits of her soft belly. I could almost hear 
her organs fold over themselves and cry out in their own inner 
voices. It might have been my imagination, but the sound that 
came out of Jamie was as real as the oxygen that poured out of her 
I stepped back and Jamie stood upright, her cheeks puffing 
out air in an endless stream. She fell to her knees, her eyes 
glassy and dull, and then slammed face forward into the carpet, 
her arms limp and by her sides. A small "oooooooh.." began to 
flow out of her as she absorbed the effects of what I had just 
done to her.
I kicked her body over with my foot and she responded like a sack 
of potatoes. She was nearing unconsciousness, and I couldn't have 
that. I wasn't done having my fun.
Jamie lay there, belly heaving, on her back. I stood next 
to her prone body and leapt high in the air, shooting my legs out 
so it looked almost like I was sitting in mid-air. I landed with 
my full weight in a double leg drop. My left leg struck her 
beaten belly and was immediately followed with a sharp leg to the 
throat. There was a loud THUMP-THUMP as I connected. Jamie's 
eyes flew open as the power move shot her brain back into reality. 
Her body's reflexive action to the move took hold immediately, 
sending her flopping and convulsing on the carpet like a fish out 
of water. With every convulsion, small pockets of groans escaped 
her throat. I sat there and listened, enjoying every second of 
Her body slowly fell back into its original position. but 
she was side awake, stunned by the pain she had just endured. 
"I'm feeling frisky.." I said to her. "Mind if I do some 
I slid immediately into a push-up position perpendicular to 
Jamie's paralyzed body. I placed both my hands on her belly and 
began to do a push up on it. My full weight came down on her 
stomach as I went down for the first one.
"One..." I recited.
"Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhfffff..." was her reply.
I pushed myself up, which was even worse for Jamie's gut.
"Two.." I continued.
Her legs tensed and began to shake as I pushed the soft skin 
of her belly down to its limit. 
I went down, and then viciously shot myself up, raising my 
hands and clapping them together, only to plant them down on the 
girl's belly again as I descended. Jamie's eyes bugged out and 
she coughed as I landed. I got back up in my push up position and 
pulled my arms out from under me. My head went crashing down into 
Jamie's gut.
"OUUUUGGGGFFFF!!" she screamed, her legs and arms once again 
convulsing in reflex. I heard a variety of unhealthy noises 
coming from the inside of her belly as I pressed my ear against 
it. It sounded almost like techno music. Oh, the irony.
It was time to end this.
I had finished LeAnne with a figure four scissors/sleeper, 
so I thought long and hard about what type of sleep-inducer I 
would use on good old Jamie.
Her groans increased as she began to feel the delayed 
effects of my belly torture. I slid towards her and sat her up. 
Her eyes were dulled and her breathing labored, but she was still 
conscious. Not for long, though. 
I hooked my fingers around her throat and found two pressure 
points at the base of her neck. These points were not intended 
for pain, as most were, but for another purpose. One that I had 
studied intensely in my Aikido class. They were located at the 
base of her jugular and carotid artery.
"Night, night, baby." I whispered soothingly to her.
I squeezed with the tips of both fingers, slowly massaging 
the points in circles, cutting the oxygen supply to the brain in 
slow bursts. Jamie's eyed nearly crossed in pain as she 
instinctively grabbed at my hands. I released one of the pressure 
points and slammed my fist into her belly. She grunted and 
released my hands, clutching at her gut. I replaced my finger and 
continued to squeeze. Pressing, releasing, and repeating.
"Ufffff..." was all she could muster,..."UFFFF...."
Her legs began to tremble and then relax. She uttered a 
loud "ooooooooh" as her arms slowly fell limply to her sides. I 
continued my pressure point massage until her eyelids began to 
droop. They shut completely and I ended it by applying full 
pressure on the points for 5 seconds. This was sure to put her 
out of it, and it did. I released her, and she fell back, spread-
eagled and in slumberland.
I looked over at LeAnne. Still out-cold. I pushed Jamie's 
limp body towards LeAnne's until they lay side by side.
"Two down," I muttered, "One to....."
I was interrupted by a sudden banging against the door.
I smiled, once again.
"What the fuck is going on up here?" she yelled, "I'm trying 
to finish my goddamn homework!"
"Sandra!" I replied, "You've gotta check this shit out!"
Curious as a cat, Sandra's voice lowered its decibel level.
"What?" she was now interested. "What is it?" 
I stood up, preparing myself.
"Come in!" I yelled, "those guys in the building across from 
us are naked!"
"Really!?" she exclaimed, and the door swung wide open to 
reveal little 16 year old Sandra. A slightly chubby blonde with 
a sweet face. She was wearing white biker shorts and a matching 
sports bra. Her eyes fell to the motionless bodies at my feet.
"What the hell?" she said. I didn't bother to come up with 
an excuse. My answer came in a flurry of hard jabs that instantly 
connected with her exposed belly. In a span of five seconds, I 
had landed ten shots to her gut. She reeled back, slamming 
against the hallway wall.
I pulled her into the room by her hair and slammed her to 
the ground. She was still trying to recover from the belly shots 
when I picked her up, wrapping my arms around her belly from 
behind in a massive bearhug. Now, keep in mind, this girl was 5'2 
and weighed 135 pounds. It must have been quite a sight. 
I squeezed, and all the air left the little girl in a matter 
of seconds. When I felt her sag, I let go and she fell right on 
her ass, dazed and confused. I kicked her down to her back and 
placed my foot over her mouth and nose in a smother. She began to 
struggle, blowing hot air against my foot as I applied the 
pressure. After 15 seconds, her struggles began to fade. I 
released her before she had the chance to pass out. I wasn't 
I stepped back, keeping an eye on her limp, but conscious, 
body. I took a step and launched myself into the air, arching my 
back and coming down hard in a belly to belly press. I felt my 
abs completely crush her soft belly's innards as she uttered a 
groan of pain and surprise.
I was getting tired, but I wasn't finished. I still had two 
more things to try. This had become the best workout I had had in 
I picked the small girl up with one arm and hoisted her up 
on my shoulders in a modified backbreaker position. I use the 
term "modified" because instead of facing up on my shoulders, 
Sandra was facing down. A "bellybreaker", if you will. 
A small "ooooooffff..." came out of the girl as I prepared 
my move. 
I lunged her body down, falling to one knee as I did so, in 
a classic backbreaker position. Her belly, however, slammed down 
onto my knee, her entire body weight driving her to the ground. 
Her belly completely deflated, and she lay there, limp and face 
down, suspended by my knee. A long, low groan escaped her as she 
battled unconsciousness. It was too late for that.
I stood her up and landed a sharp jab to her crotch. Her 
weak body came to life as the pain overcame her.
"Ohhhh...god," she groaned, "let me go..."
I laughed out loud.
"No....." I replied, "Lights out, baby."
I stretched my right hand out and held her up with my left. 
I extended my fingers to their limit and slammed them down across 
Sandra's forehead. My pinky and ring finger latched onto her 
right temple, and my index and thumb applied pressure on her left 
temple. It was a move I had always wanted to use. the Iron Claw 
She grunted softly as the hold began to take effect. Her 
arms didn't even have a chance to flail due to the fact that the 
oxygen was being cut off so quickly and so close to her brain. 
She groaned for a few seconds, and then went completely limp. The 
only thing holding her up was my applied claw. I slowly lowered 
her on her back and squeezed extra hard on the claw to make sure 
she was out of it. She was.
I pushed her dead weight towards LeAnne and Jamie and laid her 
there, completing the trio of knocked out roommates.
I stood and stared at them for what seemed like hours.
I went downstairs and made myself some dinner.



Two hours had passed when I came back upstairs. I stepped 
into Jamie's room and saw that my three favorite girls in the 
world were slowly coming out of it.
I smiled as I dragged their three reviving bodies to the center of 
the room and, once again, layed them side by side. They were 
weak, but conscious. I laughed as I stepped back and ran in a 
flying body press that connected nicely with all three bellies. 
The three girls convulsed and groaned in what seemed like a 
choreographed display.
I continued to laugh as I slid my long legs around their 
heads and applied a head scissors on the three of them. How could 
I not laugh? They looked like peas in a pod as I slowly squeezed. 
Once again, it seemed almost choreographed, the way they all went 
back to sleep against my legs. It was getting near 9pm. I knew 
what that meant.