By "Shizuka"


There was something different about Stacey, something changed.
She seems a lot more focused...and aggressive. Lita and Stacey
circled each other, each eyeing each other up and down after a
surprising exchange that had the crowd salivating for more. Lita
went to lockup with Stacey but Stacey dodged with a picture perfect
cartwheel by the red-haired women's champion. Lita turned and glared
at Stacey, a slight blush on her cheeks from the embarrassment as
Stacey giggled, placing her hands on her hips, an aura of confidence
licking around her slender body.

Lita frowned and approached again, this time a little quicker,
something inside her wanting to hurt Stacey a little more for the
little embarrassment, but Lita was too careless and received a hard
kick to her toned abs, doubling her over. Stacey grinned as Lita
bent over to clutch her stomach and took two handfuls of Lita's
long, flowing red hair, twisting some of it in her hands to make
sure she had a firm grip. "Angh!" Lita winced as she felt the pain
shoot through her scalp. Stacey reared one of her legs back and then
swung it forward, the long leg bring it's knee to Lita's forehead.
Lita's head snapped back as she straightened up and stumbled
backwards towards the ropes, holding her forehead now. Stacey
followed in, still on the attack, chopping Lita across her
generously sized chest, a loud "WHOOO!" resonating from the crowd.
Stacey again ripped a chop across Lita's chest before grabbing
Lita's head, readying for a bulldog.

Lita groaned in Stacey's clutch, " something..." she
thought to herself. As Stacey began to run forward with her, Lita
placed her hand on Stacey's back and shoved her forward, luckily
slipping out of the grip. Stacey, with a shocked look, turned to
receive a fist to her face. Her head snapped to the left and then to
the right as Lita followed up with another hard right hand. Lita
then drove her foot into Stacey's midsection before grabbing her
head. It was time to finish her off, Lita was sick of getting
surprised by her tall leggy opponent. She pulled Stacey's head
towards her creamy thighs, meaning to trap it there in a set up
attempt for a powerbomb. Stacey, desperate not to endure this move,
did the only thing she could think of and while holding one of
Lita's thighs with one hand as she drew nearer, her other arm flew
up between Lita's legs in a low blow. Lita gasped, her eyes
widening , her thighs clamping together as she slowly begun to slump
over and then fall to her back on the mat in a fetal-like position.

Stacey straightened back up and looked down angrily at her fallen
foe, rubbing her sore cheeks, reddened by Lita's hard punches. She
stomped Lita's stomach angrily, extracting a cry of pain from Lita.
Trying to ignore the pain, Lita fought her way to her hands and
knees, trying to get up. Stacey shook her head and punted Lita's
stomach as Lita settled into her position. Lita tumbled to her side,
her hands grasping her abs where Stacey buried her foot. Stacey,
thinking maybe she could get lucky with a surprise pin, got down to
her knees and prostrated herself over Lita's chest. Her arm zipped
down between Lita's thighs, securing one of them in it. Lita's arms
settled above her head on the canvas, feeling weakened from the bout
thus far.

Lita panted through her open mouth as she felt the count of the
referee strike the mat. "1!!" he started before his hand shot up,
readying to strike for two. Lita's head moved from side to side, her
eyes closed. Stacey kept close watch of Lita's facial expressions,
holding her leg tighter. The referee struck again for "2!!!" and
Stacey's lips began to curl into a smile. Is it possible she's about
to best Lita in this fair one on one match? Could she possibly
finally prove she's got what it takes? Was Lita her's this night?
The referee's hand rose for the final strike and then zipped down.
Lita moaned weakly and one eye opened. She noticed where they were
in the ring and grabbed out, her hand gripping the nearby rope that
was a little ways from her head. The referee noticed and ceased his
count, bring Lita's hand on the ropes to Stacey's attention. Stacey
pouted, frustrated as she released Lita and rose up. Lita sighed in
relief and tried to use the ropes to pull herself back to her feet.

"I'll get you..." Stacey said to herself determinedly as she
again grabbed Lita's hair to help her up. Lita countered though,
swinging her arms up to knock stacey's hands away and then lunging
into Stacey, toppling her down with a clothesline. Stacey held her
chest with one hand and quickly rose just to be floored again by
another. The crowed errupted, a prominent "Lita!" chant born. Lita
waited for Stacey to make it to her feet again before whipping her
towards the ropes. Stacey came off the ropes the other side and was
met with Lita's legs as she jumped up and wrapped them around
Stacey's head. Lita threw herself back, flinging Stacey over her in
a hurricanrana to the mat. Stacey slammed onto the canvas head-first
and settled onto her back, dazed. Lita looked at her, then to the
crowd as she pointed for the turnbuckle. The crowd cheered loudly in
support for Lita as she began her ascent. Stacey's hand went for her
forehead, rubbing it slightly, "Ohhh ohhh...." she groaned weakly,
her eyesight blurred.

Set up on the top placing her hands on her thighs as she always
did before leaping back for the big finish. It was time to end this
once again, Stacey had already taken a surprising amount out of her.
Lita had clearly underestimated her opponent, one she had beaten
easily many times in the past. This time was much different
though...but no matter. It was about to end.

Lita flew back off the top rope in a moonsault. Her body flipping
backwards, the flash bulbs lighting the arena. The Lita fans in the
crowd wanted blood, Stacey's blood, and they were happy that they
were about to receive. BUT... Stacey wasn't where she lay a moment
ago. Lita slammed onto her chest and stomach, hitting nothing but
canvas as Stacey had managed to roll out of harm's way at just the
right moment. Lita felt the air get knocked out of her as she curled
up, grasping her torso, trying to draw breath. Stacey, seeing a
golden opportunity, knowing Lita was without breath got up and
rushed towards the stunned Lita, grabbing her hair from behind and
locking a tight sleeperhold on her. Lita's eyes clenched tight as
she slapped and pulled at Stacey's arms as they lock around her
throat. Lita was not going to last long in her state. She was
already struggling to breath and now to have that cut off even
longer. Lita gasped, her eyes rolling back before clenching
shut again. She could feel her strength draining, feel herself
fading in Stacey's grasp.

"No...nooo...I can't lose...I'm the women's champion..." Lita
said to herself in her head, "This is JUST Stacey Keibler...there's
no way I... I..." Lita began to drift away, fading fast. Her arms
fell limp to her sides and Lita could then put up no more struggle.
She was out like a light and at Stacey's mercy. Stacey kept the hold
on a few more seconds to make sure before releasing and letting Lita
drop to her back in a spread eagle, her arms over her head, her legs
straight and spread. Stacey looked around in slight disbelief, did
she put the champion out!? Stacey had toyed with the idea of a
special finish ever since she learned she would be facing Lita but
she never thought she'd get the opportunity...she was wrong. THIS
was her opportunity.

Stacey drug the spread-eagled Lita nearer the corner and then
began a quick ascent to the top. She had never done this in the
ring, but her gymnastic prowess would make the move to come mere
child's play. She'd teach Lita for all those times she was
embarassed by her. It was about to come back ten-fold. Stacey smiled
to the crowd as Lita didn't move. Stacey got her footing and then
leapt back. Lita's body was devasted as Stacey Litasaulted through
the air and crashed down upon her. "UGNNN!" Lita gasped in pain,
convulsing slightly a few times. Stacey lit up as she realzied she
had pulled her big finish off. Was it enough though?

Once more Stacey lay across Lita, this time reaching down and
securing both thighs with one arm. She rolled Lit's limp legs up,
hooking them both. Her other hand lay on one of Lita's arms, pushing
on it to keep it held down. The referee slid over, ready to count
the pin. "1!!" he struck. The crowd, to Stacey's surprise, counted
with him. Her determination and display had started to win some of
them over. The feeling was incredible. "2!!" the ref's hand slapped
the mat again and rose. Lita, weak and barely conscious could hear
what was going on, but her body would not respond to the
countermeasures Lita's mind would be wanting to take. Lita's legs
stay limped secured in Stacey's arm and Lita's arms and shoulders
glued to the mat. One eye opened to see the ref's hands
falling. "No!!" Lita cried out in her head, trying to summon all her
strength to kick out. "3!!" the ref hit, Lita body once again not
responding to her wishes.

Stacey had done it. She had beaten Lita and had become the new
women's champion. Stacey gasped and smiled brightly as the referee
handed the belt to her, her music sounding through the arena
intertwined with the cheers of an appreciative crowd. Lita's reign
was over and her pride broken as Stacey had finished her off with
her own move. The embarrassment prodded at her as Stacey rose and
laughed at the defeated Lita.