© 2004 by SleepWalker

dedicated to JudoGirl

Slowly I rose from the depths of unconsciousness like a diver surfacing. The
darkness began to give way to light as I gradually became aware of my surroundings.
I was lying on my back on the firm canvass of a boxing ring. In the corner a sexy
young woman with long bare legs sat filing her nails. Her legs were crossed
fetchingly and her high-heeled foot bobbed lazily up and down, one leg resting
lightly atop the other. I recognized the black g-string: it was my sexy, long-legged
opponent and apparently she had, true to her promise, knocked me out cold.

“ So, you’re finally coming around,” she said addressing me. “Unfortunately, I’m
right in the middle of my manicure and I’m not quite ready for you to wake up yet.”
With that, she rose to her feet gracefully and sauntered toward me, like a cat,
sleek and powerful. Her hips swayed slightly from side to side as she approached,
her long legs striding confidently in my direction until she stopped, almost
directly above me.

She noticed my eyes drinking in the full length of her sculpted legs, from the tips
of her newly painted toes, up past her ankles, over the rounded mounds of her knees
and up her smooth, silky thighs.

“ That’s right, baby. Take a good look at the legs which are about to put you out
again,” she said. In my groggy state I took the situation in as best I could: she
was going to knock me out again before I even had a chance to fully recover. I
rolled onto my stomach and pushed myself up onto my hands and knees. I shook my head
from side to side, trying to clear the last trace of fog from my addled brain.

I began what seemed like a supreme effort to rise to a standing position when I
noticed her cocking her leg back, readying herself for another kick to my face. Then
it came: before I could fully gain my feet, her long, elegant leg came sweeping
rapidly toward me in a wide sweeping arc from the side, catching me directly on the
soft temple above my ear. The blow sent me sprawling back to the mat and I felt my
strength ebbing away again. I pushed myself up onto my elbows and looked up at her.
She seemed to tower over me, perched on those impossibly long legs. I watched
helplessly as she lifted her bare leg high, raising her foot above her head. Then it
descended, her heel crashing down onto the back of my neck.

“ Ungh!” I grunted and collapsed in a liquid heap at her feet. I lay their for a
second, tried to push myself up again, but failed and sank heavily back down to the
floor, feeling utterly weak and subdued by the long-legged female standing above me.

She looked down and shook her head in mock pity, her lips forming a satisfied smile.
“ As I said, baby, I don’t remember giving you permission to wake up yet. How shall I
put you out this time?” she wondered aloud, placing her delicate finger against the
corner of her cute upturned mouth as she pondered her next move.

I succeeded in getting myself into a sitting position and sat their dazed, shaking
my head again in a vain attempt to clear my blurred vision. Seeing me sitting there
as I tried to regain my senses apparently gave her an inspiration.

“ I know exactly what you need, darling,” she exclaimed quietly. “A brief taste of my
sleeper hold.”

She sat down and straddled me from behind. Then she lovingly wrapped my head in her
arms, securing my head in the crook of her right arm while wrapping her left forearm
up along the side of my head.

“ Have you ever fallen asleep in a woman’s arms before?” she cooed in my ear. “Just
relax and get ready to take a little nap while I finish doing my nails.” And with
that she tightened her grip, cinching her arms like pythons against my head and

I brought both my hands up and grabbed her arm and tried to pull it away from my
throat, but it was no use; she had firm leverage over me and her arm only
constricted more. I continued to tug, but to no avail. Suddenly, she pulled me
backward violently, extending her long slender body to its full length so that I was
lying on top of her as I stared up at the ceiling. I squirmed from side to side, but
could not escape her ever-tightening hold. Then, abruptly, she constricted her arms
in a sudden pulse. I stared blankly upward as the room seemed to fade into a
thousand points of grainy light.

We lay there together in our supine position, my back melding into her front. Her
mouth was close to my ear and she whispered, almost inaudibly, “Are you going out?
Nighty- night, baby.” Without warning she forced my head deeper into the crook of
her other arm, seeking my carotid artery… and finding it. The room suddenly grew
dimmer as the supply of blood to my brain was cut off.

I tried one last time to wrench her forearm out from under my throat, but my fingers
were numb and I couldn’t get a grip. One by one, my hands slipped slowly off her arm
as I resigned myself to the inevitable: she was knocking me out with her sleeper
hold and there was nothing I could do about it. My hands dropped uselessly to my
sides, inadvertently coming to rest on her soft, smooth thighs. They were warm and
moist with sweat and I dully savored the sensuous feel of them beneath my hands,
which were no longer responding to my commands.

Blackness was welling up all around me now as she squeezed me into unconsciousness.
She whispered one final taunt: “That’s right, baby. Go to sleep now. And dream about
this sexy body which put you out.” One final decisive pulse of strength form her
arms assaulted the side of my neck. Her small feminine biceps dug with surgical
precision into my carotid arteries and I surrendered entirely to her. A prolonged
sigh issued involuntarily from somewhere deep within my chest and I passed out,
sinking into unconsciousness, sinking into her pretty, powerful body.