by SleepWalker


Chapter 2: Diana’s Big Test

Diana approached the mat. A well-built young man clad in a very brief thong
of his own was standing in one corner, smiling at her as she approached.

“Michael is one of our best fighters, but he’s easily distracted. I suggest
you use your legs to your best advantage. I guarantee you, he won’t be able
to concentrate. It happens every time,” commented the Director.

Obediently, Diana quickly pulled her skirt down over her long legs and
stepped out of it. Michael’s eyes grew wide as he ogled her string bikini
and smooth thighs. Then, without warning, he lunged at her.

She was ready, however, and sidestepped him, extending her leg at the same
moment, tripping him. He sprawled face first onto the mat, but quickly
recovered and began to push himself up onto his forearms. She watched him
rise, then kicked him solidly in the chin with the instep of her bare foot.
His head snapped backward. She pushed his head to one side with the ball of
her foot, then then delicately positioned her foot on the side of his neck.
She pressed down, lightly at first, then more firmly, seeking out his
carotid artery. His eyes grew wide momentarily, then began to flutter as the
oxygen supply to his brain was cut off. When she sensed he was on the verge
of passing out, she lifted her foot; it was far too early to end the match
just yet.

She stepped back in order to give him a chance to recover, standing there
with her hands on hips. Slowly, he rose to his feet, shaking his head to
clear it. She allowed him a few more seconds to focus, then kicked him
solidly in the chest, propelling him backward. She moved toward him and
lashed out with a backhand karate chop; the blow landed at the base of his
neck, stunning him. He managed to keep his balance somehow. Another chop
caught him on the back of his neck, this time sending him to the floor. She
waited while he pushed himself up onto his forearms, then unleashed a kick
to the side of his head. His eyes glazed over, then he sank to the mat
The two long-legged guards who had hauled away the other man now loaded
Michael’s unconscious form onto a gurney, then turned to face Diana.

“Your room number, ma’am?” the taller one asked.

Diana was dumbfounded. The Director answered for her. “Suite 204,” she said.
Then, turning to Diana, she explained, “To the victor go the spoils of
battle. Why don’t you grab a shower while the girls prepare your room for

She sauntered off to the locker room still in a daze by the implications of
the Director’s actions. How could the Director have guessed that Diana had
fantasized throughout the match about Michael’s toned body? Was sex between
the girls and their captive men officially sanctioned here at the facility?

She soaked for a good half hour in the hot tub before finally pulling a
fresh ghi over her softened skin and heading up to the room. Shyly, not
knowing what to expect, she turned the key in the lock and quietly let
herself in.

She found Michael strapped to her king-size bed. His wrists and ankles were
secured by thick leather belts which were lashed to the four corners of the
sturdy bed frame. He was just beginning to come around, squirming slowly on
the crisp sheets. She watched him struggle helplessly against the bonds,
then felt her crotch moisten as her gaze wandered over his taught, muscular
body, accented nicely by the same small thong he was still wearing.

It was more than she could bear. She flung the ghi off and mounted him
suddenly, hungrily grinding against him. He became only vaguely aware of the
sexy fighter above him moaning with pleasure as she took him and used him at
will. Once he felt himself surfacing from the haze of semiconsciousness as a
wave of contractions seemed to grip the girl above him. But then the
contractions seized him uncontrollably, followed by a sudden release, after
which he sank back down into the depths of sleep once again.

Much later, Diana showered again, fixed herself something to eat, then sat
with her long legs crossed in a chair facing the bed as she waited for
Michael to awaken.

Slowly he came around, then craned his neck to stare at the sexy girl with
the long, alluring legs who was staring back at him.

“Nice fight, bitch,” he said snidely. “I always did have a weakness for
girls with nice legs.”

“Is that all you remember?” she asked. “Just the fight? What about the part
when we kissed and made up?”

That would explain the waves of contractions and pleasure, he thought. She
had not only knocked him out, but had molested him while he was still

“So you must be the new bitch in town,” he said, softening a little as she
uncrossed, then recrossed her long legs. “I’ll put you out next time, just
wait and see.”

“Pretty tough words, but you don’t seem to be in much position to be
threatening me,” she laughed. She stood and walked over to the bed, bent
down and yanked on one of the thick leather straps as a reminder. “Actually
I’m the one who’s going to take you out again in a few minutes because I
haven’t had enough of you yet, Michael. But first you’re going to tell me a
little bedtime story.”

to be continued…