by SleepWalker


Chapter 3: Capturing Michael

“Before the Director became the head administrator here,” Michael began,
“ she was an agent just like you. She’s the one who brought me here.” Diana
let out a subdued gasp, despite herself.

“Oh, don’t let her aloofness fool you, babe,” he continued. “She can knock
out any guy here. And she has, many times.” Diana digested this information
and settled more comfortably onto the bed beside Michael, who was still
thoroughly tied down.

“She smiled at me at the bar and I followed her back to her apartment. Big
mistake. But how could I resist? She was wearing a miniskirt so short you
could see the lower part of her gorgeous ass protruding from underneath. As
I settled myself on the couch, she let the skirt fall to the floor where it
gathered around her ankles momentarily before she kicked it away, exposing
her trademark red thong. Then she stripped off her blouse and bra and threw
them aside, too. But she kept her high heels on, at least for the moment.

“She graciously removed the drink from my hand, set it on the coffee table
and moved behind the couch, where she began to massage my neck very
sensuously. Little did I know she was arranging me in preparation for the
attack. She gathered my hair and pulled it to one side, then rolled my
collar down to better expose my neck. Without warning, she raised her hands
suddenly, flattened them and brought them both down hard…a double chop. I
grunted as the room became blurry. She chopped me again, this time with only
one hand, catching me just under the jaw on the right side of my neck. My
mouth fell open loosely, I moaned loudly, then collapsed to one side against
the cushions.

“She smiled, strutting on those elevated heels around to the front of the
couch so she could better assess the effect of her blows. I pulled myself
back up laboriously into a sitting position and looked up at her. She seemed
to tower above me. Perched on those heels, her long, slender legs seemed to
go up and up and up until they met the boundary of her tiny string bikini
thong. I watched helplessly as she cocked one of those long bare legs, then
snap-kicked me full in the face.

“The blow caused my vision to explode. A thousand points of light suddenly
erupted before my eyes as I lost sight of her for a second. Then she kicked
me again, twisting my head around to one side. A third kick met the
underside of my jaw and propelled my head backward. She waited very briefly
as I blinked my eyes and tried to focus, then she unleashed a roundhouse
kick which came sweeping in a broad arc from the side. It caught me on the
left temple and I went down again onto the cushions.

“As I tried to get up I heard her whisper breathily, ‘Are you getting sleepy
yet, darling? Don’t pass out on me yet, baby, because I’m just getting
warmed up. Why don’t you get up and fight like a man?’

“With that, she pulled me upward off the couch into a standing position
where I struggled to keep my balance. She was easily two inches taller than
me, maybe more. And not only taller, but more powerful…very slender and
sleek, yet stronger, I suddenly realized. I knew at that moment she was
going to knock me out cold; it was just a matter of time.

“She roused me from my musings with a swift kick to the side, just below my
ribcage, her leg extending to its full sensual length. It knocked the breath
out of me and I leaned painfully over, nursing the ache. Then she kicked me
hard in the stomach, forcing the air out of me again. I bent forward,
grabbing my belly with both hands. She took a step back and kicked me again
in the face. The leather instep of her shoe plowed into the center of my
forehead and I flew backward onto the couch. As I began to push myself up,
she raised one foot and planted it against my chest and pushed me back down,
pinning me against the cushions. I couldn’t rise. Then she bent over; her
face came close to mine and I thought she might kiss me. Instead, she cocked
her fist back behind her ear, then punched me hard in the jaw. I settled
heavily into the couch and doubted whether I would be able to get up again.

“With all of my remaining strength I began the supreme effort of pushing
myself up once again into a sitting position, but before I got very far she
chopped me again at the base of the neck and I sank back down into the
cushions, nearly out. To my surprise, she sat down beside me, and pulled my
head into her lap. I knew I was in trouble. I looked up into her face with
fluttering eyelids as she asked, ‘Are you ready to take a little nap,
darling? Are you ready for these long legs to put you to sleep?’

“I could only mumble an indistiguishable response as she wrapped one of her
soft legs under my chin. I noticed then that she hadn’t even taken off her
shoes. As if reading my thoughts she pulled the high heel off and tossed it
aside, though she never bothered with the other. She pulled her bare instep
hard, levering her calf into my throat and neck. She twisted my head to one
side firmly. ‘I’m looking for your carotid artery, darling,” she whispered.
Someday I’ll choke you out, but that seems so crude. For now I just want you
to fade slowly into unconsciousness as I cut off your blood supply with my
lovely leg.’

“She pulled her foot toward me again and her calf dug into the side of my
neck. Instantly, the room began to dissolve into a thousand pixels. My
vision became grainy, like a photo overly enlarged. I reached up, grabbed
her calf with both hands and tried to pry it away. She suddenly cinched her
leg even tighter around my neck and I found the strength quickly ebbing away
from my hands. Within seconds they weakened; I could no sooner pry her leg
away from my neck than I could a steel cable. Seconds later my hands were
merely pawing loosely against the smooth skin of her leg, then they fell
away entirely and rested numbly at my sides. I could no longer lift the
weight of my arms; they felt watery and useless, and I knew then that I was
going out.

“‘That’s it, baby. Just relax and let my legs take you. Go to sleep now,”
she cooed, her lips close to my ear.

“She yanked one final time on her instep. I felt a sudden pulse as her leg
squeezed me hard. Then the world slid away very rapidly and I let myself
sink into oblivion between her legs. When I woke up I was here: a new, if
not entirely willing, resident of the Facility.”

“You tell a good bedtime story, Michael, but your manners leave something to
be desired!” she cried, and without any further pretext, chopped him hard on
the neck with the flattened edge of her hand.

“Oooh!” he moaned softly, then settled heavily into the mattress. It seemed
to Diana his body melted slightly as he sank into unconsciousness. For good
measure, she chopped him again; she loved the muted sound of her hand
meeting the flesh at the base of his neck. If there was any further change
in his posture, it was insignificant; he had already collapsed into a deep
sleep and the effects of the second blow were insconspicuous. Undoubtedly,
though, the last blow would prolong his torpor.

She stood and brushed her hands together, as if cleaning some dust from
them. All in a day’s work here at the Facility, she mused, as she headed for
the shower...

to be continued…

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