Part 2

by Ransom

The talk around the water coolers for days was Donna and Becky's hard fought
wrestling match in the presence of their colleagues. Their friends and coworkers
had been tremendously impressed with the measured respect mixed with uninhibited
ferocity they had witnessed at what they called the "girl's night at the fights."

The banter soon turned to a fresh proposal. Cindy put it to Becky several weeks
later. "If several of us challenged your buddy Donna and her friends to a tag team
match would you be on our team? And we want you to teach us that sleeper hold
too. That was such a cool way to win."

For Becky the ongoing competition with Donna had always given rise to unbidden
undertones for both of them. She had purposely avoided Donna for some time, not
wanting such feelings taking her places she didn't want to go. But she thought
having other women involved kept those issues safely in check. So why not have a
tag team match? It might be playing with fire but what the hell?

Of course Donna and her friends jumped at the chance. Donna loved to wrestle as
much as she liked other extreme competitive sports like triathlons and martial arts.
Any inner conflicts or compulsions never seemed to inhibit her.

Becky and Donna planned the match. This time Donna's supervisor, Trish,thought
they could get away with having it at their fitness center. There would be
three women on each side. The only ones permitted to watch would be the other
women who worked at the centers. No men allowed which included male coworkers
as well as boyfriends and husbands.

The predetermined night came and the women assembled after hours at the boxing
ring at Donna's gym. Because they were all proud of their physiques and liked to
show off they decided their attire would be swimsuits. The six competitors peeled
off their shorts and shirts and stepped into the ring.

Donna wore her aqua competition bikini that highlighted her muscular yet
feminine figure to its full effect. On her side was Trish, an older but superbly
conditioned woman. Trish was about six feet tall, with an athletic build and boy-
cut brown hair. No-nonsense and somewhat aloof in temperament, she had chosen
to wear a one piece gray Speedo suit with wide vertical red stripes on the sides.
Also with them was Summer, a cute slender vivacious blond wearing a lavender
string bikini that didn't look like it would stay in place for long.

At a perfect 5'7" Becky was a narrow hipped beauty. She chose to compete in her
modest yellow bikini that I always thought she looked very appealing in. With
Becky was Cindy, an energetic woman having freckles and cropped red hair with a
personality to match. Cindy wore a black french-cut bikini that showed off her
nice legs, big bust and firm rear. Completing the team was Jill, a dark wiry young
woman with long black hair she had done up in a bun. She was wearing a one piece
suit that had red bottoms with two black side bands coming up from the waist that
made a narrow halter top. Jill was Latino, petite and pretty and she knew it.
She liked to flirt with the guys at the fitness center.

Donna reminded everyone that this was going to be a tag team match, elimination
by sleeper or knockout only. Becky quickly added that there could be body
punching but no face punching - too dangerous. She was very much aware of the
times Donna had easily knocked her out with a well aimed blow to the head.
Donna nodded at her with a smile taking the precaution as a compliment.

The dozen or so spectators were starting to get rowdy. "Come on, get it on!"

Summer and Jill, the two smallest women, wanted to go first. The others stepped
out of the ring and gathered at their respective corners as the two strutted around
eliciting cheers from everyone else. But they both looked pretty harmless. Becky
said later they reminded her of beauty pageant contestants rather than wrestlers.

Someone clanged a bell and the two unlikely warriors hopped to the middle of the
ring and started prancing in a circle, dancing forward and pulling back. Jill lunged
closer, picking Summer up by one leg and dropping her. But then she backed off
as Summer rolled and scrambled to her feet. The crowded hooted in derision. Becky
and Donna had set the competitive bar very high in the prior match.

Then Summer went in low embracing Jill around the waist and tossing her down on
the mat flat on her back. The crowd cheered as Summer threw herself on the prostrate
Jill. Over and over they rolled while locked in a tight embrace. Summer tried to
get up but Jill knocked her down and again they locked together in a blur of rolling
bodies. The onlookers squealed with approval. This was more like it.

The teams started shouting encouragement as well. Summer and Jill strained and
pulled at each other while grunting loudly. They managed to get to their feet while
still locked together. Not surprisingly Summer's lavender string top soon came
loose and her small breasts were now hanging out. That didn't seem to bother her
in the least but an abrupt and hard stomach punch from Jill did. Summer doubled
up and collapsed onto the mat groaning. She just managed to tag Trish who was
reaching into the ring. Summer staggered to her feet and withdrew while adjusting
her top.

Trish was quiet but naturally aggressive. Becky took an immediate liking to her,
feeling they were much alike. Trish charged Jill and the two of them went down in
a tangle of flying arms and legs. But by now Jill had her dander up. She managed
to disengage, stand up and grab Trish by the neck. She executed a very proficient
flip that sent the larger woman flying to the mat with a hard "Umph!" Before she
could recover Jill flipped her several more times. Trish could not get her bearings
and was finished almost before she started. She only just managed to tag Donna
before retreating from the ring.

At the same time Jill tagged Cindy. Now Cindy was up against the awesome
Donna. If she was intimidated she didn't show it as she entered the ring while
checking her black bikini. In a flash the two of them were furiously grappling.
But Cindy was haplessly outclassed. Donna toyed with her. She put her in a bear
hug squeezing hard. Then Donna went between her legs with one hand and using
the leverage tossed her up and back over her shoulder. Cindy went flying but
gamely got right back up.

Donna closed in and brought a knee up in her gut. Cindy was disabled by the
blow and could only clutch herself. Donna smoothly bent over and picked her up
in a shoulder carry while saying, "Let's show off your assets."

Indeed, Cindy's narrow black bottoms didn't conceal much as Donna held her bent
double over her shoulder and turned around several times. Then Donna slapped
her hard on her upturned butt before letting her drop off onto the mat.

"Now ladies," Donna said with a smirk, "I'll show you how the big girls play."
Cindy was dizzy and disoriented but still trying to get up. Donna pulled her up just
enough to use a forearm smash that propelled her backwards causing her to come
down so hard she bounced head over heals and ended up on her stomach. She was
too out of it to try to tag a team mate and at this point was at Donna's mercy.

Donna was not feeling very merciful, or perhaps she was. At any rate she used the
sleeper on Cindy. She pulled her up to a sitting position, knelt behind her and
encircled her neck with her arms. Donna had her face buried in Cindy's red hair.
Cindy's legs kicked up and down helplessly as she started to succumb to Donna's
embrace. Her whole body was tense and her eyes wide as she tried to pull free.
But Donna was a pro and soon Cindy went from struggling to helpless resignation.
Her body relaxed and her eyes went shut.

Becky wondered what being sleepered felt like for Cindy? It was fascinating to see
it being done to someone else. Cindy's body was flaccid and her legs straight out
at sharp angles when Donna released her and she flopped down on her back. Donna
rolled her onto her stomach and left her laying at the side of the ring. Everyone
else was just looking on silently, awed at what Donna was able to do so easily.

Jill eagerly took the place of her fallen companion. But if Cindy was outclassed,
Jill was all the more so. Donna threw her from pillar to post. She used a
combination of flips and throws and airplane spins that had Jill being treated like a
spinning top. At one point, as she was sent tumbling, her long black hair came undone
and flew out in all directions. But Jill bravely tried to continue and showed she
had a few surprises. As Donna bent over her Jill suddenly thrust a foot up in her
stomach, grabbed her arms and flipped her right over herself. Donna came down with
a hard thunk, surprised and with the air knocked out of her.

While Donna lay there catching her breath Jill tagged Becky. Donna's belligerence
instantly returned and as she rose to her feet she whispered so just Becky could
hear, "Oh no, not yet! I'm saving you for last. So here, I'll let you have the
other blond." With that said she tagged Summer.

Becky didn't have an intimidating manner about her so Summer wasn't afraid of
her and was eager to get back into the fray. They grappled. What Summer lacked
in skill she made up for in enthusiasm. They struggled on their feet and then fell
to the mat and rolled back and forth. Becky wore Summer down before tagging Jill
with the instruction, "See if you can finish her off."

Jill rammed Summer against the turnbuckle and then repeated the move she did on
Donna. She planted her foot in Summer's stomach while pulling her forward. At
the same time she dropped down, causing Summer to spectactularly somersault
over her. Summer landed on her back with a jarring smack. The next thing she got
was Jill's fist in her stomach, which caused her to go back down.

Coughing and sputtering, she was helpless as Jill dragged her by her arms over to
the turnbuckle. Useing Summer's top as binding she tied her wrists together behind
the turnbuckle. Summer protested, "Nooo!" but to no avail. Jill knelt down in
front of her and found the pressure point on her neck. Summer struggled to pull
free from her restraints. Jill hesitated and looked at the blond woman.

Summer eyes were round with fear but she nodded as if to say, "This is what we
agreed to." Jill bore down with her knuckles.

Summer went "Aughhh" and then her body relaxed as she slowly sunk into
She slumped over as far as her tied wrists would allow. Jill slapped her lightly
on the cheek and pinched her to see if there would be a reaction.
But Summer was totally out. Jill stood up and gazed down at her handiwork.

Then Jill looked at the rest of us and said, "I can see why Donna and Becky love
this. It feels great!" She made a fist and thrust it in the air. She didn't have
long to savior her victory.

Trish rushed into the ring. Jill should have tagged out but she was feeling cocky.
This time she would not have any advantage over the larger woman. Trish must
have been given some advice by Donna because she drove a hard punch into Jill's
lower abdomen. Jill locked up frozen with pain as she leaned forward with eyes
bulging and going, "Ooooh!" Trish hit her again, this time in the stomach and sent
her reeling back into the ropes. She didn't give Jill a chance to recover as she
pulled her out into the center again and got around behind her. It was now Jill's
turn to be put in a sleeper hold.

Trish obviously had practiced because she did it like an expert. Jill thrashed for
just a moment,
but then she suddenly went limp and slumped back into Trish's arms.
Trish smiled with satisfaction and laid her down on her side next to Cindy's unconscious form.
The audience whistled and clapped.

Trish then looked at Becky and motioned for her to come get her. Becky was glad
to oblige. Becky closed with this woman she liked but knew she had to avoid her
fists. Locked together the two women went down with Trish on top. Trish scooted
forward until she was sitting over Becky's face and pinning her arms over her
head. Perhaps she didn't intend to but Trish was smothering her between her thighs.
Becky could smell the nylon of Trish's gray swimsuit along with her musky body odor.
Everyone in the crowd was going, "Euww"

But Becky brought her feet up and over, hooking Trish under her arms. With a
mighty push she sent Trish backwards and off of her. They both jumped to their
feet and grappled furiously. In strength they were just about evenly matched.
Neither could get an advantage. Then Trish broke free, stepped back and hauled
off with a punch that landed at the waistline of Becky's yellow bikini. Donna
probably told her it was a weak spot.

The blow hurt like hell but it was nothing like what Donna could dish out. Becky
put her shoulder into Trish's body and rammed her into the ropes. Trish rebounded
forward and as she did so Becky flipped her neatly onto the mat. Becky came
down behind her and embraced her with a sleeper hold. Immediately Trish stopped

Becky thought to herself, does Trish want this? Maybe she and the prim Trish are
two of a kind, both with a hidden kinky side that liked to be sleepered.

Becky squeezed slowly. She felt Trish's breath come in short ragged gasps but she
still made no effort to escape.

Trish started relaxing while sighing, "Ohhhh." Then her body convulsed and she
uttered a gentle, "Ahhh," before drifting into a peaceful stupor and leaning back
into Becky with her feet straight out and her arms at her sides. Becky cradled the
unconscious Trish for a moment to make sure she was out and then rolled her off of
herself until she was laying face up next to Jill.

Now there were four women in the ring out cold. Summer, clad only in her
lavender string bikini bottoms, was in a sitting position with her hands tied behind
her back. Cindy, in her black bikini, lay face down on her stomach. Jill in her
slightly askew red and black halter one piece was laying on her side. And Trish, in
her form fitting gray Speedo with the red side strips, was stretched out on her back.
Becky thought, of the four women laying on the mat, Trish looked the most attractive
because being unconscious relaxed her severe demeanor. Without thinking she picked
up Trish under her arms and moved her so that her head was resting on Cindy's butt.

Becky looked at Donna and said, "Its just you and me."

Donna climbed in the ring while sneering, "And now its time to lay you out with
your friends!"

Donna charged with fists balled. But she was over confident. Becky danced aside
and brought her knee up in Donna's gut. Donna went, "Omph!" and was momentarily
incapacitated. Becky then drove two punches up under Donna's breasts. Donna
gave a straggled "Yiii" doubled over and fell to the mat. Using her feet and
hands Becky spreadeagled her to the mat and held her down with the weight of her
whole body as Donna tried to struggle free.

After a moment Becky released her but not before punching her hard in the middle
again, this time where Donna liked to dish it out, low, right on the area covered by
the upper part of her aqua bikini bottoms. Donna's face went blank, numbed with
pain. Becky had the advantage and she was determined to keep it. She rose up and
threw herself across Donna's middle. The impact knocked the air out of her. Then
she straddled Donna and pretzeled her by pulling her legs up sharply further
tormenting her abused midsection. Donna could only glare at her helplessly.

Becky told me later she was feeling she was on top of her game. She seldom had
Donna under her control like this. She sprang up, pulled Donna up and flipped her
head over heals. Donna landed hard and lay still. Becky saw her chance and yanked
Donna to her feet and clamped down with a sleeper. Donna only resisted feebly.
Becky could feel the fight slowly ebbing out of her. Then Donna collapsed into her

Becky stood still for a moment, her own breath coming in short sharp gasps, a
warm satisfying sensation suffusing her body. She paused to savior the sensation
while supporting Donna's limp body by embracing her under her breasts and holding
her tightly against herself. Then she dragged Donna over to where the other
unconscious women were and lowered her down until she was laying face up next to
Trish. Finally, as an afterthought, she untied Summer allowing her to slump
over and join the others now all laying in a heap.

Becky did a victory pose over the five women while the spectators cheered. But
nobody rose from their seats, watching silently as moments later the defeated
women started to come to one by one. Donna was the last to wake up. Becky was
tremendously pleased with herself. Not only would this give her friends something
to talk about for weeks, but she had decisively defeated Donna at her own game.
She could do it!

When she got home she couldn't wait to tell me every detail of what for her was
the most successful wrestling match she had ever had. I was happy for her and
wished some pictures had been taken. But what bothered me was that, knowing Donna,
there would be payback. I hoped Becky was aware of what was no doubt coming.

The End (to be continued)