Part 4

by Ransom

I had a lot of questions. Looking back the past few days no way would I have
suspected so many of those questions were about to be resolved. Becky and I had
gone clubbing with Donna and Dave. The two of us don't normally care for such
entertainment - too much noise, too much booze. But we made an exception
because Donna and Dave had invited us and they seemed genuinely interested in
putting our friendship back together. We danced and then found a relatively quiet
corner where it was actually possible to have a conversation. After a while Donna
nudged Becky as a ladies only dance number was announced. The two of them got
up and went out on the floor.

To Shania Twain's "I Feel Like a Woman" they gyrated to the music. The back
lighting made Donna's long blond hair shimmer as she tossed it in all directions.
She was fetchingly dressed in black leather pants and a silver sleeveless turtleneck.
But my wife's lithe figure in form fitting jeans and blue dress shirt was every bit
her equal. I was so taken by both them it seemed that I could block out everybody
else and see only them sinuously moving in slow motion.

Dave was staring intently at them as well. Being perhaps a bit too lubbed he said,
" You suppose they're being totally up front with us?"

"Yeah, sure, why not?" I replied. But the long letter I found written by Donna to
Becky came instantly to my mind. In it Donna had described in almost obsessive
detail her thoughts during their last wrestling match. I never told Becky that I had
read the letter hoping she would say something to me. But she had never
mentioned it.

That had all been several months ago. Maybe this would be a good time to see what
Dave thought so I urged him to continue. He started talking about a much earlier

"It was really something when Donna and I invited your wife to wrestle with us.
God, those gals were serious! I don't know what Becky told you but I want you to
know I would never do anything to hurt her. In fact I know I kept Donna from
doing some real damage to your wife even after she had knocked her out.

I had my doubts about his version of the story. Becky had been sore for over a
week from what had turned into a two against one brawl. She never complained or
said much about it. I'm always amazed how she can absorb so much pummeling
and bounce back. Yet all my protective instincts were protesting this kind of thing
taking place especially when I wasn't present.

I replied to Dave, "Well maybe that's the problem. I'm feeling like the odd man

He leaned in empathically and said in a low tone, "Hey, I'm hearing you buddy."

The next day we received a formal invitation: "You are both invited to participate in
a couples' four-way wrestling match. The winner to be determined by elimination,
either by pin, surrender, or sleeper. Guy vs. guy, girl vs. girl. The winning guy to
take on the winning girl to determine champion couple. Your house or our's?
Dave & Donna."

Knowing this was Dave's answer to my expressed frustration, I said I would be
willing to take them up on their offer. This seemed to bother Becky, "But what if
the last two standing are you and me? You gonna' knock me out?"

"Whatever you want, but if they both go down we can declare victory at that point."

That seemed to satisfy her but I still had the fleeting impression that she somehow
resented me being involved.

We decided we would host the event. We laid out the floor pads and mattresses in
the basement just as Donna and Dave arrived on the designated evening. Becky
had already changed into a small red and black Body Glove bikini was lounging on
the deck. She had kept to herself all that afternoon. Donna and Dave went to the
guest room to change and moments latter came out. Donna was wearing a snug
cut-off t-shirt and blue bikini bottoms. Her ample breasts were sharply defined by
the cotton fabric. Dave was wearing his red trunks. I elected to wear Speedo
running shorts.

We went downstairs and sized each other up. The girls were pretty evenly matched
in size although Donna was the stronger of the two and usually won using her
greater endurance to wear Becky down before delivering the final knock out. She
tended to be a lot meaner too.

I, on the other hand, was at least twenty five pounds heavier than Dave and a pretty
fair athlete. He didn't seem to notice or care we would be a very lopsided pairing.
We flipped a coin to see if guys or girls would go first. Dave and I called it and
were the first to go.

Becky put a CD on that had a fast loud beat. The girls stood to the side with one
arm around each other's waist swaying to the music. Then they both raised a fist
before doing a cheerleader kick while chanting, "Go, go, go!"

I wonder if they realized dancing together in their brief outfits presented a terribly
distracting sight for both of us. Still, I tried to stay focused. I was determined to
win. Despite Dave portraying himself as a nice guy in the ring, I remember the
video showing him rendering Becky defenseless by pinning her arms behind her
back as Donna gleefully punched her out.

Dave came at me low and fast and grabbed me around the waist but I easily tossed
him aside. Then I got him in a shoulder hold and threw him to the floor. I was
aware that we had to be careful about crashing into walls or furniture. The girls had
been more deliberate and controlled in their past wrestling than I had realized.

At the same time I wanted to deeply humble Dave in front of our wives. But I
wouldn't resort to dirty tricks or low blows. We struggled on the floor. Dave was a
lot stronger than he looked. We were more evenly matched than I thought we
would be. I was all the more amazed that Becky had pinned him in the first round
of their three-way.

Even so, I had wrestled in high school and all my old training came back for me
although he managed a few reverses. The girls hooted and hollered. Their
wrestling had always been a mixture of aggression and willing submission, their
emotions complex. But for guys the issue is simple - raw aggression and an
overwhelming desire to win. Despite our restricted surroundings our combat

It was time to put this joker away. We were both in a kneeling position when I got
him in a full nelson, forced him down on the floor, flipped him over on his back
and pinned him with my full weight. He tried to wiggle free but I bore down until
he blurted out, "I give!"

I was panting and sweating and amazed when I noticed by a clock on the wall we
had been going at it for over fifteen minutes. It seemed like just a few seconds. I
got up and stood triumphantly over him. He just laid there for a minute trying to
regain his senses.

Donna jeered, "Finally met your match sweetie?"

Dave glared sullenly at her as he got up. "Let's see you do better."

"Oh I think I will." She winked and then turned to Becky, "Ready?"

The two women embraced each other tenderly before taking their positions. Dave
looked at me in an odd way as if to say, "It ain't just the wrestling."

But all friendship and affection vanished as they engaged. They pushed and pulled,
each trying to knock the other off her feet. Becky backed Donna into the sofa and
she fell backwards into it. Becky came down on top of her and they both squealed
and strained until they rolled off onto the floor. Despite my misgivings I had to
admit the sight of them locked together, rolling across the floor, first one on top and
then the other, was really hot.

They thudded into a wall and Donna pinned Becky pinned against it as she got an
arm under one of her legs and lifted it up and over the rest of her. Becky was bent
like a "V" with her butt up in the air. Her face was turning a deep red as the breath
was squeezed out of her. But she got her other foot in Donna's gut and managed to
forcefully push her away.

Donna was propelled backwards and sat down hard. They paused and looked at
each other for a moment, both breathing heavily. Then Becky was on her feet. She
got behind Donna, locked her arms under Donna's arms and yanked her roughly up.
Donna let out a cry, "Aiii!" As she struggled to get her balance, Becky bent her
forward practically riding on her back as they both went down.

But instead of hitting the floor with Becky on top, Donna managed a neat reverse
and she sprang back upright behind Becky while pinning her arms at her sides. She
twisted one arm behind Beck's back. The pain caused Becky to cry out and arch
her body back to relieve the pressure. But Donna worked the arm and Becky was
led around in a tight little circle looking like a puppet whose strings were being
jerked by a demented puppeteer.

Becky seemed helpless but she somehow broke free only to have Donna shove her
violently onto the sofa. Becky flopped onto the cushions but the momentum caused
her to rebound off onto the floor with her arms and legs flying out in all directions.
She rolled twice and came to rest on her back.

Again they paused and stared at each other, Becky laying on the floor and Donna
standing over her. Then Donna came down next to her and thrust one leg under and
the other over her waist. She had Becky in a scissors and proceeded to squeeze her
hard around the middle. Becky gasped, "Yiiii!" and tried to pry Donna's legs
apart. But Donna just rocked her back and forth. Donna put her hands on the floor
and stood up on her arms to put her whole body into the hold. Becky groaned. I
thought she was done for and would momentarily pass out.

Dave egged on his wife, obviously excited by the scene of Donna completely
dominating my wife. "Go ahead, you've got her now. Put her away! You need
your strength for the next round."

But I told Becky to hang in there as she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth and
strained to break free. She spread her legs apart and arched up on her shoulders but
to no avail. Then she reached between Donna' legs with what the girls called a
" claw." She dug her fingers in none too gently. Donna gave out a high pitched
yelp, "Gaaa!" disengaged and rolled away holding her violated area with both

She was obviously hurt and angry. "I thought there was not going to be anymore
below the belt!" she shrilled indigently. " But if that is the way you want it...."

Becky had only just risen to her knees when Donna lashed out with a punch that
landed just below her bikini waist line. Becky let out a deep "Ohhh!" toppled
forward until she was laying on her side while crossing her arms protectively over
where Donna had struck her.

Now Becky was the injured one. There was a pause. Donna let Becky recover
either out of mercy or more likely because she wanted to prolong a fight she was
confident she was going to win. I watched in grim fascination as Donna yanked
Becky to her feet and steadied her.

"Okay, this is where it is lights out for you." Donna pulled back her fist. She was
going for the knockout punch that she had demonstrated in the past she was so good
at. She aimed carefully and then brought her fist around in a sweeping motion. But
Becky ducked aside and Donna connected only with air.

Surprised and off balance, Donna had set herself up for some of her own medicine.
Becky threw a round house punch of her own that landed squarely on Donna's
cheek. The blow caused Donna to spin around and crumple to the floor. She lay
still, flat on her stomach, her legs out at an angle and her arms thrown forward, her
rounded rear nicely outlined by her blue bikini bottoms. She was either stunned or
out cold.

Now it was Becky's turn to pause. She stood over her fallen opponent and looked
down on her.

Dave pleaded, "Come on bad girl, get up. I know you can."

Donna groaned and turned over on her back. She cradled her jaw and looked up at
my wife. Both their eyes reflected sympathy as if they were saying, "We are going
overboard again, maybe we need to back off."

But all tenderness vanished as Donna staggered to her feet. Now the attitude was
one of: "What the hell....I'm taking you down!"

They started trading body blows. First one would hit the other in the gut with a
loud "thunk" eliciting a moan or a scream and then the other would reciprocate. It
became an endurance contest to see who could absorb the most punishment and
remain standing. Several times it looked like Becky was going to go down but she
would recover and it would be Donna's turn to double up in pain after taking a hit.

I could tell Becky was worried by Donna's tendency to hit low. Not only did the
blows hurt like hell but she did not want to repeat what had happened during the
three-way bout when Donna had followed up her gut punishment and knock out
punch to the chin with a stomach claw. Becky had ended up noticeably peeing
through her swimsuit after she was rendered unconscious. Perhaps Donna worried
about the same thing since she was squeezing her legs together and contracting her
gut muscles after each impact.

They traded about half a dozen punches. Both Dave and I were amazed at how
tough as well as sexy they both were as they engaged in such fierce combat. It
looked like Becky was getting the worst of it but she gamely continued even
thought her abdomen was inflamed and almost the same color as her bikini. Then
one punch caused her to sink to her knees. Her eyes were unfocused and her head
lolled to one side as she swayed back and forth. She seemed to have been knocked
practically senseless.

Donna came down behind her saying, "Now this is the part you like."

She embraced Becky's neck with her arms and applied pressure while at the same
time pulling Becky back. She ended up laying on the floor with Becky on top of
her facing up. Donna got her feet and ankles between Becky's thighs and forced
her legs apart which gave her more leverage. It didn't take long. Becky gave a
repeated high pitched "Ugh, ugh, ugh," as she sunk into oblivion.

I wondered if Becky actually wanted this to happen, knowing what being sleepered
did to her. Just before going out her body suddenly tensed, she arched her back and
groaned, and then slowly relaxed. I would have given anything to know what she
was experiencing at that moment. Now unconscious, she laid loosely draped on top
of Donna, her legs and arms spread wide.

As soon as she was sure she was totally out Donna pushed Becky off of herself.
Becky limply rolled over once and came to rest on her back. She didn't move. Her
eyes were shut. Now it was Donna's turn to stare at my unconscious wife.

Donna knelt over her and ran a hand down the length of Becky's body feeling no
reaction, "Yeah, you're gone!"

Then Donna turned toward me. "Think you can take me on? I'll put you right
down next to your wife. You'll look good sleeping together."

Dave just grinned in anticipation. He made no attempt to conceal his obvious high
state of excitement and just wanted to see some more action involving his wife.

Donna paused to catch her breath. Looking at Becky's unconscious form she said,.
" You'll be sorry you missed this."

She seemed to be awfully confident that she could take me. I was wary as she stood
up and we began to circle each other. Suddenly she lashed out with her fist but I
deflected it with my arm. So that's how she wants to play? I could not bring
myself to hit a woman but I wouldn't mind sleepering her. She continued to strike
at me and I parried.

Remembering she was good at kicking I suddenly closed with her but moved
quickly behind her and got her in a choke hold with one arm around her neck and
the other around her chest. I could feel her breasts straining under the thin shirt.
She was strong and fast and obviously enjoying this. She struggled free but I spun
her around. She tried to bring a knee up in my groin but I caught it, pulled up and
swept her off her feet. She came down hard.

She rolled away and hopped up. I thought of the phrase "Eveready Bunny" - she
just kept going and going. I was starting to get concerned. Victory did not seem
like such a sure thing. I laid aside my scruples about hitting a woman. I buried my
fist in her gut right at the waistline of her blue bikini panties, low, just like
she liked
to deal out to my wife. Her eyes bulged and she gasped as she doubled over. That
seemed to take some of the sass out of her. I had to admit it felt good.

I gave her a shove which caused her to tumble to the floor. Then I straddled her and
extended her arms over her head, pinning them at the wrists. "Do you give?"

She just glared at me and thrashed so hard I lost my grip. Over and over we went
on the floor. But I got her under me again. This time I put her in a wrestler's pin
with one arm around her shoulder and lifted her legs up with the other. This drove
her shoulders deep into the floor pad. "Now do you give?"

She snarled, "Never!" and continued to struggle.

It was like she had become a totally different person. I don't know how Becky
could do as well as she did with her. I would just have to put her out. I let go of
her legs, pulled her up on her knees and punched her in the gut again. She jerked
spasmodically and gave out a high pitched "Ahhh!" as she closed her eyes and bent
forward so far her head was resting on the mat. This gave me the second I needed
to get behind her and put her in a sleeper hold. Using the technique Becky had
taught me I pulled her backwards into me. I compressed her pressure point with my
knuckles. She thrashed for what seemed like a long time and almost broke my hold
but I could feel her resistence quickly weakening. My face was buried in her hair.
She was hot and perspiring and smelled of some kind of spice.

Dave only stood there and stared as I sent his wife plunging into insensibility.
Witnessing his wife being sleepered turned him on. Who am I kidding, I enjoyed it
immensely too. Her raspy breathing became more regular. She sighed and her eyes
drooped shut, then her whole body went slack. I could tell the moment she went
out by how flaccid she quickly became, like a punctured balloon after the air has

I lowered her down until she was stretched out on her side. She looked so helpless
and calm where moments before she had been a whirlwind of aggressive fury. Her
blue bikini stretched tautly over her butt and I slapped her there lightly and then
stood up. I was both exhausted and exhilarated. So this is what it is all about? The
exercise of power and skill ending in either total domination or total defeat. It felt
great. I looked over at Becky, she was laying in the same position where she had
come rest after Donna had pushed her off of herself. She was still out.

Dave patted me on the back, "Good job buddy. Doesn't hurt Donna to be brought
down a notch or two. Now why don't we give them a little time together?"

He picked up his wife under the arms and dragged her unconscious body over next
to my wife and laid her down next to her. He straightened up and said, "There,
don't they look drop dead beautiful together like that?"

I had to agree. I also knew other thoughts were going through his head. It would
be a good ten minutes before they would start to wake up. As they came to their
senses we left them alone until they indicated they wanted to get up. They were
both throughly wiped out and so that was the end of our evening.

When we got home I helped Becky get undressed and showered. Her midsection
was so tender and sore she could hardly bend over. I was giving her a gentle
massage on our bed when in a still small voice she said, "I'm going to tell you

She talked for the better part of an hour. It was a lot to accept. But the tension
had broken. It was going to be okay with us.

The End