Hollywood (AKA: Jeanne Bassone) as interviewed by Sleeperkid

SK: Obviously, first comes first. How did you start in the wrestling
business? Was it something you desired, or was it more of a money thing at
the start? How long have you been in the business?

H: It was an audition in late 1985, on a show called GLOW, it was a great
business opportunity, but not for money, as we were not paid that much and we
did not get residuals. It wasn't a Union show.

SK: You're known, or should be known, for a lot more than just wrestling.
What else do you list among your accomplishments? What other "fetishes" or
fantasy roles do you inhabit for your fans?

H: I posed for Playboy magazine 4 times, and for the covers of Easy Rider Mag and Truckin Mag. Also various Calendars! Before I broke my leg I was just beginning to start my own company, Hollywould Prods, to produce wrestling videos. Then I was out for a while with no extra money. My bills were over $30.000. Now I have started my own company. and am producing lots of custom videos, My Wonder Womyn videos are a cool fetish right now!

SK: Needless to say, any profession will have its ups and downs. What are
the pros and cons of doing what you do? Any corruption within the world of
fem wrestling?

H: Age! (laughs) If I continue to wrestle, I want to have a family one day. Wrestling is a form of Sports Entertainment and has been for many years, as I see it you take the good with the bad!!

SK: Despite being rated one of the most popular female wrestlers on the net,
and in the world, you continue to hold private sessions for paying
customers. Has this always been a rewarding experience for you?

H: Always, these great people I have met are very genuine and I tend to stay in touch with them and have repeated sessions!

SK: What is the best time you've ever had in a wrestling scenario (A match,
convention, etc.)?

H:All of the them. Live events really get your heart pumping! As one never knows what I will pull out or say at that moment.

SK: And of course, the worst?

H: A broken right leg in 3 places, almost 3 years ago!

SK: The fans of the SK site would love some specifics on your favorite
wrestling holds, wrestling wear, style (catfight? Pro? Amateur?) and
wrestling settings (apartment, ring, outdoor, etc). What's Hollywood's
ideal wrestling match like?

H: I am not picky at all! Pro is great, cat fighting is fun! Amateur exciting
settings hmmmmm a ring is always nice, outside looks great, apartment style
all good to me!

SK: You're known for your killer cobra clutch KO, as well as your sleeper
hold. Is there something about that final knockout that excites you?

H: As long as the hold is done properly, which is very important…that’s exciting.
I love to make sure my opponent is OUT COLD, I make sure her body is limp especially when I lift up on her arms, legs etc…

SK: You've worked with the best in the business, and with the top companies
that the genre has to offer. In your opinion, who are your favorite
athletes to work with? Why? Also, what company, in your opinion (and of
course, besides your own!), treats their ladies with the highest quality?

H: Those who don’t have attitudes and have fun! I am not going to name names in case I forget someone! I love to work with DT Prods! Le femme fatales, JM Rolen is very good to his talent!

SK: What advice do you have for a girl looking to get into the business?
What are the pleasures and the pitfalls?

H: Be tough, don’t be afraid of the moves, the holds or the falls, always be careful not matter what. If you are not sure about something by all means stop and have someone help you out! The bruises are my pitfalls and the pleasure can only show in your work! What you put in is what you give out!

SK: Many men are dying to know how to get their girlfriends, wives, etc.
into the idea of wrestling them for fun. Being a woman who actually loves
wrestling, how would you suggest they approach their significant others?
How would you suggest they ensure safety?

H: Buy my tape “The How To’s Of Bedroom Wrestling” (laughs).
Safety is foremost the most important thing, do not hold someone so tight they cannot breath. Have a safety word, or a simple tap on the leg or shoulder will do. I was a tomboy as a kid so hanging with all boys was fun. You can use wrestling as a way of flirting or a prelude to sex!

SK: Who has been your greatest influence throughout your career? Why?

H: All the fans that support what I do, whether you win or lose or break your leg they are always there to lift your spirits and stand by you.

SK: You've finally come out with your first solid video production company,
Hollywould Productions. What will you be offering fans that they've never
seen before?

H: I think the fans have seen it all! So good wrestling, good wrestlers, a steady cameraman are very
important! I know some of the plots can be hokey, but do remember I am acting out a script that a fan of wrestling wants to be produced with his own money, he gets just that and more from Hollywould Prods!

SK: We've noticed that many of your first video releases deal with sleeper
KOs. Coincidence? Or are you out to make our KO dreams come true? :-)

H: I love sleeper holds, what can I say!

SK: Speaking of sleeper holds, there are many fans out there that aren't
happy with the way they are applied and "sold" (acted out) in certain video
releases. What's your idea of the "perfect" sleeper hold?

H: Have you seen any of mine? Some girls you have to remember don’t have as much experience as I do, or no wrestling ability at all or even take the time to work on the holds, In my early days being trained by a Prof wrestler I HAD to learn those holds over and over again… It takes time to get it just right and a good actress helps!

SK: You have two websites running right now, and Many fans wonder why you haven't condensed them
into one! Is there any specific reason?

H: They both have different material and 2 different web wizards design them with my help! Webkitten was born first, then a Co. who was helping out some of the Playboy playmates wanted to do a site for me, I came up with Wrestlingbabe and that was born.

SK: According to word of mouth, many female wrestlers have conducted
private sessions that tend to go a bit far in terms of contact and nudity.
It is, of course, a troublesome trend. What are your own views on the
issue and your personal rules when dealing with a private wrestling opponent?

H: I have my own set of policies on my wrestling page; it simply states No Sex, No Nudity! Some Wrestlers have ruined it for the ones who say NO. We are not prostitutes. if that is what you are looking for find it somewhere else. Putting pressure on the wrestlers is very uncomfortable, guys!

SK: Have you ever been seriously injured in a match? If so, what did you recover?

H: During a private match with a woman I broke my leg in 3 places. Recovery took a lifetime it seemed, I was in a wheelchair first, then a walker, and then graduated to crutches, I still have 7 screws and 2 plates in my leg. It took a good 6 months to go back to wrestling and then I was scared to death, that it would get broken again! It was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life!

SK: We at the Sleeperkid site try to incorporate a different view of the
mixed wrestling scenario. We actually have the guys win every once in a
while! We've noticed that you've done the same in many occasions. Do you
feel that it's a more realistic take on mixed wrestling, or is there a
deeper reason for your guy-wins-over-girl matches?

H: You’ve got to keep things fresh! Men are usually stronger than women, soooo
Why shouldn’t they win? You know you can never please everyone!
Everyone always has her or his opinion.

SK: Let's say you're conversing with a girl who is starting out in the
world of wrestling. She's about to have my first "pro" match. What are the
do's and don'ts of the wrestling ring?

H: Don’t rush. Take your time, work the moves, the holds, show who you are out there! Are you a baby face or a heel? Work the audience, don’t let them work you!

SK: And that you've seen the Sleeperkid site, how about a
special Hollywood quote/endorsement? :-)

H: Finally, just be yourself, not anyone else. And oh yeah....'Sleeperkid's World' is THE BOMB!...


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