In my profession, having a conscience is a liability and also... a weakness. To know what the hell I'm talking about, I have to introduced you to a special group of ladies from which I had honored to be part of. It's a damn shame that I have to kill their asses.

We are the most deadly extermination squad in the underworld. Our codname was P.M.S. = Professional Mercenary Squad. And believe me, we really lived up to those initials. Now, we weren't trained to use weapons style tactics. Oh no, we mastered the skills of hand to hand mortal combat, turning our bodies into lethal weapons.

And now, let me introduce to you these fine group of ladies that I have been so privilege to know in my life.

Member No. 5 have legs as big like tree trunks. If she ever gets you between them, she'll squeeze the very life out of your body. Like vise gripes once they locked on to you. Maybe that's why she take up the name of VISE.

Member No. 4 is a giant, an true amazon warrior to the word. Calling herself EVA-STEIN. She 6' 2 tall, 230 pounds, and strong as hell. Jill find her in one of those stupid wrestling show. Under her dark wing, Eva-stein became Jill's most loyal and feared enforcer in the P.M.S.

I know what you think. Who the hell is this Jill woman I'm talking about? As far as you can tell, she's the leader. Well don't worry, we'll be talking about her real soon.

Member No. 3, I have to say is truly hardcore. Her name is GOTHIKA. You can't miss her. With the tattoos, piercing, goth makeup and outfit. She truly enjoys dishing out pain and misery to her targets, as if it was a addicted drug to her.

The other drug in Gothika's black existence is becoming Jill's No. 1 apprentice. The next one to take over the P.M.S. when the time of Jill is over. But, that's never going to happen to her. Because, the No. 1 apprentice is the second member in the P.M.S.

And Member No. 2 is yours truly. They called me MERCY. Cause, I'll have you begging for mercy, from which I show not. I'm 5'5 tall and 125 pounds. But, I can be a real hellcat when it come to fighting. That's because I was taught by the best. And that's what bring us to....

Member No. 1 is JILL. She's the toughest woman I ever known. Since the age of 18, Jill have travel all over the world. Learning and studying under of the world's greatest fighters. Japan. China. India. Russia. Mexico. London. Germany. And here in the good old U. S. of A. Turning herself into the ultimate female warrior.

Jill taught each one of us different moves and holds to match our style. Making us an more effective fighting machines.

As for me, Jill saw this great potential in me. So, she taught me all the styles and moves she have to learn over her years as an assassin. Turning me into the next Jill for my generation.

But, all that changed when I met Paul.

We been dating for the past couple of months. He acted like a gentleman towards me. That hardly ever happens to me. A man treating me with respect. That's very rare to see now of days... I should know. I killed a lot of bad ones.

So, it got me thinking. Thinking that, maybe there is more to my life then fightiing. More then being an fulltime killer. Maybe, there is a life outside this lonely existence of an deadly assassin. I had to make a decision. Option A, a service to the P.M.S. Or option B, a life with Paul. I choose B.

I confronted Jill on my decision on leaving her beloved flock. She didn't seem all to upset on my choice.

"If that's what you want." she said in a calm tone of voice. "But, I have one more work for you. Consider it, a retirement party."

I saw nothing wrong on doing this last hit for this woman I considered to more then a mother towards me. So, I agreed on the assignment.

The target was staying that a safe house in a small community neighborhood, provided by witness protection. They have no idea that we know the house. It would be a very simple hit and run. Attempting a assassination, the word simple... don't exist.

Dress in black, I made my B&A around after midnight. The lights from the street lamps shining through the windows, helped me to make my way around as i head upstairs.

With knife in hand, I make my way into the bedroom, where I see my target sleeps soundly in his bed. Quickly, I leap on top of my victim and start stabbing away that him.

Suddenly, all the lights turned on. To my shock, I attacked a bunch of pillows covered by the bed's sheet. I failed for the oldest trick in the book.

I turned around and saw Jill standing that the fall end of the room. She was dressed in her fighting gear of tank top, kickboxing shorts, gloves, and boots.

"What the hell is going on, Jill?" I said stunned.

"Why, this is your retirement party, Mercy." said Jill as she start cracking her knuckles. "Your last target is... me."

"You!?" I said surprisingly.

"Yeah." Jill said in reply. "Ok, here's the deal. If you can take me out, you and your new love of your life can have a happy ending. If you can't, you both end up like Romeo and Juliet. Understand."

I can tell by the intense glare in her eyes that Jill is dead serious about this.

"Understood." I said as I drop the knife.

Jill grin like the chester cat as we circle around the room, staring into one another's eyes, waiting for the right moment to make our move.

BAM!!! We locked up. It was a test of strength. But, I failed this test as Jill use her massive muscles to lift me under her hand and bring me down into a backbreaker.

I quickly rolled out from her gripe as I nurse my aching back. Jill loooked disappointed at my action.

"What's wrong with you? You used to be better then this?" Jill said. "That Paul made you soft."

"I'M NOT SOFT!!!" I shouted.

"THEN, SHOW ME!!!" Jill shouted back.

Quickly, I spring to my feet, charged straight that Jill, and hit her with a flying jump kick to the face.

Jill was bobbing a bit, but she tried for a swinging punch. I quickly block it and put her in a arm lock. Jill grunted from the pain of my hold.

Using her free hand, she pulled me by the hair. So, I applied more pressure to the arm bar, that made her let go of my hair.

Then, Jill grabbed me by the wast and try for a suplex. I saw that was coming and countered her move.

"Ok, so you're not soft." Jill said grunting. "Now, let see if your a survivor."

Then suddnely, Jill grab me by the throut and viciously slams me hard against the wall.

I can feel Jill's hand slowly tighten around my throat as I gasp for air. I start to lose my hold on the arm lock from the lack of air.

Jill see that I was losing my grip and took the opportunity to break free.

Now with another hand freed, Jill used it to put on a belly claw. The two hold that Jill had me was overwhelming. The pain was too much to bear.

Then, Jill lifted me over her head again, still holding me by the throat and belly claw. She chuckled in a twisted way as she threw me across the room. I slammed hard against the wall as I landed on the bed.

Jill didn't stop with the onslaught as she bombarded my stomach with countless elbow and leg drops. She laugh that hearing my screams of pain, mocking me with her cruel teasing.

God, my stomach was bright red when she was done. My body felt broken and beaten. I could barely move a muscle. I never been so badly injured in all my life.

Then, Jill grab my legs and drag my limped body towards the staircase, where she threw me down the steps. That is point I was sick and tired of being thrown around like a broken toy.

After my rough landing, I start crawling towards the front door. I can't believe I'm crawling away like some scared little punk.

But before I could reach the door, somebody grab me and through me in the living room. As I look up, I saw that it was...

"Eva-stein!?" I said in shock.

I looked around more, I saw Vise sitting in chair and Gothika leaning by the doorway to the dining room, all dress in their fighting gear like Jill. I wasn't all to surprised to the whole gang here.

The only thing I could do is just lightly giggle that my grave situation as I struggle back to my feet.

I stop my giggling as I heard the sound of hands clapping. It was Jill, still mocking me. Taunting with her twisted applause.

"Bravo, bravo, bravo. You're still standing." Jill said in a cocky way. "Now, let see how long."

And with that, the girls start their funny on my suspends.

First, Gothika took me by surprise with a quick stunner attack. It put me in a dazy, just long enough for this psycho's next attack... a vicious pedigree.

As I laid on the floor, feeling the effects of Gothika's last move, I saw Eva-stein flying through the air as if she was Supergirl. And landed her 230 pounds body on top of my 125 pounds body. I desperately gasp for air, feeling the full impact from that flying body press.

Then, Eva-stein force me back to my feet by pulled me by the hair. Once I'm on my feet again, she quickly put me into a torture rack. God, I could literally feel my body being pulled apart by Eva-stein's incredible amazonian strength as she bend me more and more.

"Come on, Eva-stein. Don't break her in half." I heard Vise said. "I want to have a shot that her."

"Oh, I'm sorry about that, Vise." Eva-stein said.

Eva-stein switch me from the torture rack hold into a full nelson hold, where Vise start kicking me in my stomach over and over again, with those big thinck legs for her.

"ENOUGH!!!" shouted Jill.

Vise stops her savage kicks as Eva-stein release me from her hold, leading my body fall to the floor.

I looked around in my weakened state that my so-called teammates. They were having a good old-time conflicting unbelievable pain towards me. Laughing. Smirking Enjoying seeing me broken, beaten like a old rag doll.

First, Vise wrapped her huge legs around me, into a body scissors hold. Then, Eva-stein grabbed my legs and put me into a boston crab hold. And finally, Gothika grabbed my upper body and place me into a camel clutch with a sleeper hold.

Oh god, they have me trap in three of the most deadliest holds all at once. There was nothing I can do, but to lay trapped in my formal friends' holds, as they wait for some kind of signal from Jill.

Jill slowly walks up in front of me, kneels down, whisper in my ear and said....

"Don't be mad that me. I'm only giving you what you wanted. You said you wanted
out. Well, this is it. Death is the only way out of my house, girl. So, I hope you
enjoyed our little retirement party for you. Oh by the way, after you're sendoff, I'm
going to pay a visit to your boyfriend and send him to you."

"YOU BITCH!!" I grunted in anger. "I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL!!"

"I know you will." said Jill.

Then, I heard the last two words I thought I would never hear from Jill's lips....


And all at once, my friends turn on the pressure on their hold on me. I screamed like a wounded animal. The pain was beyond imagination..

I try to fight back the pain, but it's too much. I can feel myself succumbing to this hellish torture. Slowly, everything start to go blur in my sight. And then soon, total darkness.

To my surprise, I woke up? I found myself in one of those body caster, laying in a hospital bed. I was in a world of hurt, but I was alive.

They said I was found in a ditch that a road. I was out for five months. Oh man, five months.

The police wanted to know what happened to me. What should I tell them, that my comrades who are assassins tried to kill me. I don't think so? So, I gave them a fake statement to get off my back.

Later, I also discovered that Paul has been missing for five months as well. If I know Jill, he's already die.

But, I can't think about that right now. I have to concentrate on getting my body back into shape. To get stronger. Faster. Deadlier. I have to think on how I'm going to get back that my dear girlfriends. Vise. Eva-stein. Gothika. As soon they are gone, it will be just me and her. And when that happens, I swear to God and the devil I'm going to........

K I L L....J I L L.