By Igby

"Think you can knock me out elf? Better think again." said Éowyn, the fierce redheaded warrior princess, as she circled Arwen.

The statuesque elf princess for her part did not flinch at the menacing words. "My people have many methods for incapacitating an opponent. Methods that you have never experienced before human. You will be sleeping in my arms before this match I over."

It had finally come down to this. The two women who had both captured Aragorn's heart were going to settle their differences in a contest of hand-to-hand combat to be settled by submission or ten count pin. They were meeting in a clearing that straddled the border area between the elf kingdom of Lorien and Éowyn's land of Rohan. An assortment of representatives from all of Middle Earth's various nations - troll, elf, hobbits, humans, even goblins and orcs - had been assembled to witness this epic contest between Middle Earth royalty. Aragorn was there too of course. His heart was torn at the thought of his two loves coming to blows. He had tried to talk Éowyn out of the challenge she had issued to Arwen, but the redhead would not be dissuaded. She was intent on beating Arwen to a pulp and claiming Aragorn for herself, according to ancient Middle Earth customs.

By all accounts, Arwen should have been the favorite. Elfs were taller, stronger and faster than humans, and had considerable kill in hand to hand contest. However Éowyn had been trained as a warrior in Rohan and could certainly handle herself. What's more her fiery temperament was in marked contrast to Arwen's more serene demeanor. Some questioned whether Arwen had the killer instinct needed to in a hand to hand contest.

The time for speculation was over now though and the time for combat had begun. Arwen and Éowyn circled around each other, bare feet treading over the grass of the clearing.

Both were dressed for a fight, discarding the beautiful dresses they usually ore for more practical attire. Éowyn wore a leather corset and leather shorts, both black; a leather strap, worn for aesthetic purposes, circled one gorgeous thigh for. Her pale, white skin had freckled slightly under the summer sun; and her lovely, long read hair was free and wild. Arwen, for her part, was dressed in a lace white top, that showed her arm and stomach, and matching white lace shorts, that left her long, lovely and powerful legs free to maneuver. Her black hair was also worn loose.

With a startlingly quick movement, Arwen grabbed Éowyn's right arm and quickly trapped it in a painful armbar.

"Gunghh!" Éowyn cried out in pain. The elf princess was amazingly quick and had trapped her before she barely had a chance to move. Arwen pressed her advantage by slowwwwwwwly and painfully twisting Éowyn's arm in a circular movement before clinching up again on the armbar, ratcheting up the pressure.

"This is only the beginning of your pain human" said Arwen. After a few more arm twists, Arwen maneuvered Éowyn down to the grass and shifted the armbar into n equally painful wristlock, twisting the redhead's writ in clockwise motion until it was on the verge of breaking. Éowyn's eyes teared up and she stamped her feet in protest. The fight had gotten off to a bad start for her and she was not all pleased. Arwen's eyes briefly met Aragorn's in the crowd and the momentary distraction allowed Éowyn to break free of the wristlock with a sudden start. She jumped to her feet and before Arwen could react lashed out with a vicious sidekick to the side of the elf princess's head.

Arwen fell as if she had been shot. Éowyn quickly straddled her chest and balled her hand into a fist before striking Arwen repeatedly in the right temple, the same area that had just been struck by the sidekick.

"Unghhh!": Arwen moaned.

"Let's see how you like the taste of pain princess" Éowyn said menacingly. Her aim was to quickly disorient Arwen in order to neutralize her greater speed and strength. A few more blows to the temple softened up the elf enough for Éowyn to switch tactics She rolled Arwen over onto her stomach and then straddled her back. She then interlaced her fingers underneath Arwen's chin and pulled back viciously, wrenching Arwen's long, slender neck in a brutal camel clutch hold.

"Gunngghh" Arwen cried out. Her cheeks then puffed out and she slowly exhaled air in reaction to the hold.

"Not so regal now, are you?" Éowyn laughed as the elf princess struggled in her clutches.

Arwen swallowed painfully and buckled up her courage as she tried to wiggle her way out of the hold. It would not do for a member of the Undomiel family to cry so she bit her pouty lip and tried to block out the pain in her neck and lower back. After a few incredibly painful minutes, she was finally able to work one arm free and Éowyn released the semi-camel clutch and grabbed Arwen's hair lifting her to her wobbly feet.

The redhead pulled back her arm to punch Arwen in the stomach, but the elf princess moved faster and planted her own fist deep into Éowyn's pliable belly.

"OOOOOFFFFF!!!" Éowyn exhaled as she clutched her tummy.

Arwen capitalized on the change in fortunes by maneuvering around Éowyn, and trapping her in an abdominal stretch hold. One of her long legs, trapped Éowyn's right leg, while another reached up and pinned the warrior princess's left arm, leaving the redhead' rib are exposed and painfully stretched. This was just a warm up though as Arwen now employed on of the tactics she had warned Éowyn about at the beginning of their fight. She quickly clamped a brutal nerve hold on Éowyn's trapezium muscles between her shoulders and neck.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Éowyn cried out in surprise and pain. She immediately felt her head grow dizzy as the nerve hold paralyzed her in her already vulnerable position.

"Now you will feel the wrath of Lorien human" said Arwen.

The elf princess kept the debilitating hold clamped on her human counterpart for several long agonizing minutes. At first Éowyn spit her defiance and tried her best to writhe her way free, but soon enough the double effect of the abdominal stretch and the nerve hold sapped her strength. Her arms grew listless and dead, her head drooped forward and her hair covered her lovely face; her eyes, slowly shut. Arwen lifted the hair out of her face so that the crowd-and Aragorn- could witness Éowyn's weakness.

"I told you I would put you to sleep wench" Arwen said triumphantly.

After a few more minutes of the strength sapping hold, Arwen allowed Éowyn to slump to the grass. Her human rival was almost unconscious and Arwen had no problem applying her next hold. She laid Éowyn on her stomach and then positioned herself in front of the redhead' prone body. She then wrapped her long and powerful legs tightly around Éowyn's head, trapping her in a frontal headscissors. Arwen then started the long, sl-o-o-o-o-o-ow, and, for her, intensely pleasurable, experience of wringing Éowyn's neck and squeezing the redheaded warrior princess into goo.

"Unghhh….unghhhh" Éowyn moaned as all the blood rushed to her head and her face turned bright red from the building pressure of Arwen's killer legs. Éowyn's arms were still limp from the nerve hold and she was pretty much just a plaything for Arwen to play with.

Arwen rubbed her hands along her smooth thighs feeling the muscles in her leg bulge and pump as she squeezed Éowyn silly.

"How vain you were to think you could defeat an elf princess Éowyn. Now everyone in Middle Earth will see which one of us is superior."

Arwen's words bit into Éowyn's soul and almost drove her crazy with rage. Reaching deep into herself, she managed to get her knees underneath her and climb into a sitting position. Arwen remained calm however and simply kept the head scissors locked in place, grunting as she exerted even more pressure.

"A valiant effort wench but-unghh-you won't free yourself-unghh" hissed Arwen.

And true enough, after this colossal effort, Éowyn again felt the clutches of unconsciousness overcoming her and she slowly slumped back down belly first onto the ground.

Arwen laughed at Éowyn's failed attempt to free herself and started twisting her hips from side to side, manipulating Éowyn's limp body.

"Are you ready to concede now human?" she asked.

Éowyn' reply was a devastating punch that seemed to come out of nowhere and landed squarely in Arwen's most private area.

"Gaghhhh!" Arwen cried out immediately releasing the headscissors and folding into a fetal position clutching at her wounded crotch.

Éowyn was almost out on her feet - it had taken the last reserves of her strength to play possum and fire the sneak attack punch...but she managed to hang onto consciousness at the delicious thought of revenge. She knew there was no way she could win this fight without getting dirty though. She slipped the leather band that she had wrapped around her thigh wrapped it around Arwen's neck from behind. Using it for leverage she lifted Arwen into a sitting position and hugged her closely from behind while maintaining the chokehold.

Éowyn funneled all her strength into her hands pulling back tightly on the leather strap so that it bit sharply into Arwen's slender neck.

Arwen was dazed and confused and it took her a couple of minutes to realize the depth of the predicament she was in. One minute she had been on the verge of knocking out Éowyn, maybe for good, now the tables had been completely turned and her own face was turning red with the pressure an expertly applied chokehold, and her crotch still vibrated in pain from the low blow.

"Who's going to concede now?" Éowyn whispered in her ear. The redhead was incredibly tired but also fiercely motivated. The fight had been a brutal one and she knew it could not go on much longer. She thought of Aragorn and about how much he wanted to take this elf bitch OUT.

After a few more minutes of throttling, Éowyn lifted Arwen up to her feet and half dragged, half walked the groggy elf princess to a nearby tree. She pressed Arwen up against the tree back first and looked straight into her eyes.

"Now, you're going to feel real pain wench," she hissed. With that she started firing knee after knee after knee directly into Arwen's cunt. Arwen's mind exploded in pain. Her mouth opened wide but she was in too much pain to even scream. Her eyes closed tightly and her whole body thrust forward. It took all of Éowyn's strength just to pin her back up against the tree so she could continue the barrage of low blows/

Éowyn laughed out loud as she fired maybe twenty straight blows into Arwen's most vulnerable spot. "Elf bitch! Let's see you try any trick moves now" she screamed.

But Arwen wouldn't be trying any more moves. In fact, it was Éowyn now who would be experimenting with holds. She let the ashen faced Arwen slump forward onto the ground like a squashed butterfly. The elf princess was making a low moaning sound, the only sign she was still awake.

Éowyn relished the moment deeply as she kneeled down behind Arwen and grabbing her brunette locks lifted her up into a sitting position. Now she slowly snaked one arm around Arwen's neck and secured it tightly in place with her other arm. She complimented the hold by wrapping her legs tightly around Arwen's slender waist.

"This is called the Rohan Flytrap," Éowyn said of the modified sleeperhold, "Now, what were you saying about putting me to sleep elf?"

Arwen was in no position to protest Éowyn's taunts. The constant pressure around both her waist and her carotid artery was quickly sapping her superior elf strength. Her face grew pasty white and covered in cold sweet, her normally rosy lips started turning a pale shade of blue. She did her best. She still has the Evenstar pride and wriggled as much as she could, trying desperately to break free of the hold but Éowyn was to strong for her now, and too determined.

The redhead brushed the hair out of Arwen's face, as the elf had done to her earlier. Now everyone could see that Arwen was sobbing openly.

"Awwwwww! Is the little elf princess crying? Does she need her mother to come fetch her?" Éowyn laughed. "Admit that you are my inferior and that Aragorn is mine and I will release you from this suffering" Éowyn offered.

Arwen shook her head. No. Not That. Never. But still Éowyn's arm bit into her neck, she could feel darkness overcoming her. Would Éowyn stop after she passed out or would she hold on and take her life? It was humiliation enough to be overcome by a human female. She could not bear the thought, so, despite herself, she uttered the words that she never thought she would utter….

"yes..unghhh….you are better…unghh…Aragorn is yours…l-let go…p-please…" Arwen whispered weakly.

A radiant smile came over Éowyn's face. "Yesssss!!!!! Did everyone hear?" By the murmur of the crowd she cold tell they had. "I'm the better woman; I'm the better woman…" Éowyn sang, taunting Arwen further. In all her excitement, she forgot her promise to release the Rohan Flytrap and actually squeezed it even tighter.

"you…promised…to…let go…" Arwen gasped, but her voice was so soft and weak now, Éowyn did not take note.

Almost without noticing it, Éowyn continued to squeeze Arwen until the regal elf princess had lapsed into a deep, dark sleep. When all the resistance had drained from her opponent's lithe body, Éowyn became aware again of what she was doing.

"Oh confound it." I'm sorry Arwen. I was supposed to let you go wasn't I?" Éowyn laughed. she then finally released the modified sleeper and let Arwen slump onto her side, a line of drool running out of the corner of her mouth.

"Steward, fetch me my knife" she commanded.

Aragorn stepped in at this point. "Yu have defeated her soundly my love but do not forfeit her life. She fought you valiantly after all." Aragorn said.

"She fought like an insolent wench and I treated her accordingly," Éowyn responded with a twinkle in her eye. "But you misunderstand my intentions my love…"

When the steward handed her her hunting knife, Éowyn grasped Arwen by the hair and lifted her up into a sitting position again. She then cut off a long strand of Arwen's beautiful, raven colored hair.

"A trophy to remember my victory," Éowyn giggled.

She then added to Arwen's humiliation by commanding her steward to fetch a bucket of yellow ochre which she poured all over the unconscious form of the elf princess so that "everyone in Middle Earth can see what a useless coward she is."

After a few minutes of posing with the helpless Arwen's limp body, Éowyn finally marched off with Aragorn, leaving her defeated rival assed out in the clearing.