by "Yours Truly"
....A tale of sweet revenge


Acclaimed gymnast Dominique Moceanu had just made 
a reconciliation with her parents (whom she had threatened to 
declare independence from days before) when she was asked to speak 
at a local Elementary School with a panel of popular "role models" 
for children. She gladly accepted, and was mildly excited at being 
paired up with a teen movie star for the event. The celebrity in 
question was Natalie Portman, star of the films Mars Attacks, Heat, 
Beautiful Girls, and others. Dominique's parents rented a local 
gymnasium for her own private use, and she immediately invited 
Natalie (through her agent) to come down for a workout. The date 
was set..a few hours before the panel discussion. Dominique was 
practicing her floor routine on the extraordinarily large floor mat, 
decked out in a tight, dark blue, velvet gymnast's uniform that 
framed her toned, muscular body perfectly. She had requested 
complete privacy for herself and Natalie, hoping that a friendly 
gymnastics lesson would please the rising star. It was nearing noon 
when Natalie walked in through the gym's double doors.......


Natalie Portman stepped into the gymnasium wearing black 
sweatpants and a jade sports bra. The young actress smirked upon 
laying eyes on Dominique's floor routine. She brushed a long strand 
of brown hair from her eyes and chuckled silently to herself. 
Unlike most girls out there, Natalie was prone to wild bouts of 
jealousy. She had been next in line for a feature story in People 
Magazine when Dominique's threats to leave her parents put her on 
the cover instead. This had pushed the young starlet over the edge, 
and although she had managed to keep it to herself, revenge was the 
only thing on her mind. And here was her chance.
Dominique's routine stopped abruptly when she caught sight of 
Natalie walking towards her.
"Hi!" the teenager greeted, stepping out of a handstand and 
into an outstretched handshake. "Natalie Portman! I'm a huge fan! I 
loved Beautiful Girls..."
Natalie pasted on a fake smile and shook the gymnast's hand.
"Ditto.." she said cheerfully, "I love your...uh...tumbling."
"Thanks!" was the reply from the unsuspecting Moceanu. "So, 
you ready for a workout?"
"Sure," Natalie said, pulling down her sweatpants to reveal a 
pair of black bikini bottoms. "Ready when you are."
Dominique, who had never been the most tactful person in the 
world, reached out and patted Natalie's soft, slightly protruding 
"Good," she laughed, "It looks like you need it!"
Natalie's face went red.
"Excuse me?" she managed to say without screaming.
"Just a joke." was Dominique's response. It was as if she 
didn't even realize how insulting she had just been, Natalie 
thought, or maybe the little bitch didn't care.
"Um..Dominique.." Natalie began. "remember that cover story 
you just had on People?"
"Yeah," Dominique answered warily. What a strange question! 
"What about it?"
"Oh nothing..." Natalie replied, a grin slowly crawling on her 
face. Dominique stood directly in front of her, her arms at her 
sides. Now was the time.

Natalie's right fist pulled back in a millisecond and her 
entire body weight flew with the punch that followed. The 
teenager's fist jutted forward and connected with Dominique's 
stomach area, and to Natalie's surprise, it felt like hitting a pile 
of bricks. Dominique's abs were rock hard from constant 
training....something Natalie had completely overlooked. In that 
split second, however, Natalie adapted. She put her right foot out 
and took a step forward with the punch, forcing it in even deeper. 
Soon enough, the feeling of bricks was replaced with the feel of a 
deep gut punch.
Dominique's eyes widened and then squinted as the punch 
connected. Her body involuntarily doubled over as Natalie drove her 
fist in deep.
"OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!" was the sound that sputtered out of the 
gymnast's lips as her insides flared in a bolt of pain.
Natalie immediately grabbed the girl in a reverse headlock 
while her body was doubled over. The gymnastic mats were a lot 
harder than they seemed on TV, and Natalie decided to use that to 
her advantage. She pulled the girl down as she sat suddenly, 
forcing Dominique's head to connect savagely against the mat in a 
makeshift DDT. Dominique's hindquarters wavered in the air, and 
then slowly made a limp connection to the mat as the shock of the 
move did its work. A small groan escaped her as her body slid to a 
prone position on the mat.
Natalie turned the girl over on her back and immediately 
lifted both fists in the air. With a rage-filled scream, she 
brought them down, once again penetrating the thick protection of 
Dominique's abs. The gymnast's legs convulsed reflexively as the 
air was pounded from her once again.
"So I need a workout, huh?" Natalie called out. She stood up 
and jumped in the air, letting both feet land on Dominique's belly. 
The teenager uttered another loud groan as Natalie stood there, 
triumphant on top of her aching gut. Dominique's powerful abs had 
been reduced to a red patch of skin covering an aching pile of 
internal organs. Natalie jumped straight up and landed for a second 
time on her wounded belly.
"UUUUUUGH!!!" was the reflexive groan that poured out of her.
Natalie stepped down and picked Dominique up by her long brown 
hair. Dominique stood shakily as her tormentor decided her next 
move. She barely had time to think of a defense when Natalie's knee 
rose and connected harshly with her forehead. 
"Uhhh!" Dominique groaned, stumbling back. Natalie grabbed 
her by the arms, preventing her from falling, and pulled her 
forward. Dominique had no choice but to run into Nat's raised knee, 
and feeling it plunge deep into her gut.
"OOOOUFF!" was the surprised reaction as she doubled over, her 
gymnastic one piece drenched with fear-stained sweat. She had to do 
something soon, or she'd end up in the hospital..or worse.
Natalie raised the girl's body by her chin and pushed her 
slowly to the center of the mat.
"You know what a destruction is, little girl?" she called out 
to the dazed gymnast. "It's anything that leads to a 
knockout...but...then why don't we just call it a knockout?"
"Please," Dominique managed to mutter. "What's 
this..about....why are you..OOOOOF!"
Natalie's fist sank deep into the blue velvet that framed 
Dominique's stomach.
"DON'T interrupt me, bitch!" she continued. "The reason it's 
called a destruction is because after I knock you out...I wake you 
up, and knock you out again!...And again..and again..."
And with that, Natalie locked her right arm on Dominique's 
forehead in a tight iron claw. She had been training with a 
wrestler for weeks before that day (she had told her father that it 
was because she wanted to "get in shape", which he had immediately 
believed), and she had bribed him into teaching her a wide variety 
of dangerous holds and moves. She dug her fingers deep into 
Dominique's temples, cutting off blood flow to the brain. A small 
"ugggh.." escaped the gymnast's mouth as the hold began to take 
effect. She clawed at Natalie's hand in a desperate attempt to 
wrench them off, but a kick to the belly slowed her efforts. 
Slowly, but surely, Dominique's hands drifted to her sides as her 
knees began to buckle. She slid backwards, falling on her ass and 
sitting there, legs splayed out before her. 
"Unnnn..." was her only reaction as her eyelids began to 
droop, and then close. Her hectic breathing slowed, and then became 
regular as the hold slowly slipped her into the darkness of 
unconsciousness. Natalie released the hold, and for a second, 
Dominique just sat there, out cold. Then gravity came into the 
scene, and the girl slumped back, completely out of it.
Natalie grinned her beautiful grin as Dominique slumped back. 
She slowly caressed the girl's belly, patting it gently, then slowly 
pressing down on it. A small "mfffffff" came out of Dominique, but 
nothing more. She was still out cold. Natalie's grin grew wider as 
she grabbed the gymnast's feet and began to spread them apart 
slowly. Her legs spread wider and wider as Natalie pulled them away 
from each other, amazed at the girl's flexibility. When she was 
done, she had Dominique's lower body in a perfect Chinese split 
position, and the girl was still out cold! Natalie stood up slowly, 
eyeing her opponent's widely exposed crotch as she did so. She 
stood straight, and took a deep breath.
"Time to wake up, hon!" she yelled, and launched herself 
forward in a flying head butt. 
Natalie's head connected harshly with Dominique's crotch, and 
the little girl's eyes flew open like window shades.
"AUUUUUGHH!" was her first sound as consciousness greeted her 
with the pain that now engulfed her entire body. Her hands shot 
reflexively between her legs as she favored the spot that had been 
struck with all 135 lbs of Natalie's weight. Her body doubled over 
as she writhed on the mat, bare feet stroking at the ground as the 
red flash of pain sent her into a coughing spasm.
"Good morning.." Natalie taunted as she once again picked the 
girl off the ground by the hair. She sent five quick jabs to 
Dominique's belly.
"OOOOOOH...oooh...ooh...ooooof...ooogh!" was the teenager's 
reaction as she continued to rub her aching crotch. 
Natalie grabbed Dominique's head and jammed it into the crotch 
of her black swimming bottoms. She closed her thighs around her 
head and squeezed in a standing head scissors. A series of grunts 
escaped Dominique's throat as her vision was filled with black dots. 
Natalie bent over slightly and wrapped her arms around Dominique's 
midsection, all the while keeping the head scissors on. She pulled 
back, raising the girl's legs vertically until she was in a perfect 
pile driving position. Without a moment's hesitation, Natalie 
jumped into a sitting position and landed, connecting Dominique's 
head with the mat in a vicious piledriver.
"UNNNNNGH!" Dominique grunted as a flash of pain flew threw 
her head and neck. Her body convulsed in Natalie's arms, stranded 
in a permanent vertical position for a split second. Then her legs 
slumped forward as the dizziness hit her. Natalie released her, and 
Dominique slumped limply to the mat, face down and in shock. 
Natalie flipped the girl over and scooted forward, still sitting 
down. She gently placed Dominique's head between her outstretched 
legs and crossed her right leg over her left, forming a tight figure 
four headscissors on Dominique's head. With her left hand, she 
pulled hard on her left foot, bridging the gap between the thickness 
of her calf muscles and Dominique's throat.
"Ghhhhhhggg.." was the only sound that came out of the gymnast 
as the headscissors did its job. She began to struggle wildly, her 
legs flailing, arms scratching at Natalie's feet. But the squeeze 
continued. Her legs slowly went limp as her eyes fluttered and her 
arms fell to her sides. A few seconds later, Dominique Moceanu was 
once again unconscious.
Natalie slowly released the hold and looked down at her limp 
enemy. She sighed. This was way too easy, and it was beginning to 
drop in the fun factor. She looked over at Dominique's face and 
smiled. Revenge was sweet, yes it was, it was....
...and that's when Natalie noticed that Dominique wasn't 
"Shit," she muttered, standing up and walking around 
Dominique's body. The young girl's chest had ceased the steady rise 
and fall of the unconscious. Natalie didn't really care if the 
little bitch died, but she didn't want to get caught! She stepped 
between Dominique's legs and stomped down hard on the girl's crotch. 
There was no reaction from Dominique. 
"Shit..." she muttered again, and knelt down where she stood. 
She gave Dominique's belly a quick jab. A short puff of air escaped 
Dominique's cheeks, but nothing more. "Wake up, dammit...! Wake 
the hell up, you little....."
And that's when the tides turned. Dominique's chest heaved 
with a rush of air and her incredibly toned thighs rose and closed 
around Natalie Portman's midsection. Her eyes fluttered open as she 
breathed in deeply, unable to continue her bluff. Her legs closed 
around Natalie, and she proceeded to apply incredible amounts of 
pressure in an anaconda body scissors.
"UHHHHHHGHHH!!!" Natalie groaned immediately. "You 
"That's right," Dominique replied, and squeezed even harder. 
Natalie began pounding at Dominique's stomach, but this time the 
little girl easily avoided the blows' effects by flexing her abs, 
absorbing every impact. She squeezed until her legs began to 
tremble. "You like that?"
Natalie groaned, unable to answer. Her eyes fluttered as her 
arms stopped their pounding and fell forward limply, her hands 
resting on Dominique's belly. The pain was unbearable. Gusts of 
oxygen flew out of Natalie's cheeks as her body reacted the only way 
it knew how: automatic shutdown.
"Uhhhhh..." she continued, and Dominique began to giggle. 
Natalie's eyes fluttered one last time and then closed. Her 
breathing became sporadic as she slipped into the deep darkness of 
Dominique slowly released Natalie from her grip. The brunette 
slumped backwards, legs and arms outstretched. Dominique stood up 
and took a deep breath, her training allowing her to quickly recover 
from her earlier beating.
"Wake up, girl..." Dominique whispered softly, "it's your 
She raised her bare foot and stomped down on the nerve cluster 
located in Natalie's solar plexus. The intense pain brought Natalie 
back from the depths of darkness with the speed of a lightning bolt.
"UHHHHHH!" Natalie screamed, her legs convulsing as her torso 
flew up, leaving her in an unwanted sitting position. She began to 
take short breaths, gasping through her teeth. She was completely 
dazed and disoriented. Dominique smiled. It was exactly how she 
wanted it. 
Natalie, still unable to cope with the sudden flare of pain 
that was coursing through her body, sat up helplessly, clutching at 
her chest. Dominique ran away from Natalie at full speed, reaching 
the far end of the floor routine mat in a matter of seconds. She 
stood straight up, took a deep breath, and ran forwards, easily 
recalling an integral part of her new floor routine. 
Dominique launched her agile body into the air and proceeded 
to perform an amazing number of flips, somersaults, and leaps that 
would have garnered her an easy 10 in any gymnastics competition. 
Only her path was blocked by the weakened Natalie. As she flipped 
through the air, Dominique smiled. Once again, it was just the way 
she wanted it.
She flew in a final leap that was a combination back flip/ 
triple somersault, the third somersault hovering over Natalie 
Portman's helpless form. Dominique landed, legs outstretched in a 
chinese split, and gravity did the rest. The center of her legs 
connected squarely with Natalie's soft gut, and all 125 lbs of her 
body weight came crashing down on the starlet's belly.
"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHGGGH!!!!!" was the exact groan that pour 
out of Natalie. Stars and spots immediately blurred her vision, and 
she felt herself slumping backwards. A blanket of darkness began to 
cover her again.....
Dominique wasted no time in cupping Natalie's chin and digging 
her fingers into the pressure points along her opponent's neck.
Natalie croaked out a drowned scream as the pure, undiluted 
pain shot through her brain and brought her crashing back to 
"Uhhhh.." she groaned weakly..." more........."
Dominique giggled, sounding like a girl at play with a new 
"Yeah, right." She laughed, "It's time to end this."
Dominique lifted her right leg until her toes touched her 
forehead, keeping herself perfectly balanced. She let Natalie go 
slowly. She didn't fall, but her knees buckled violently. 
Dominique smiled and let her foot fall forward at an amazing speed. 
Her heel connected with Natalie's solar plexus and continued to 
barrel down, pressing Natalie's soft belly inwards, like a roller to 
rich dough. A blast of warm air hit Dominique's face as all the 
oxygen inside of Natalie Portman was pushed out violently by the 
kick through her cheeks.
Dominique's foot finally collected with the ground, at the 
same exact time as Natalie's head did. She was a ragdoll, stripped 
of any vitality. Her eyes were half-closed, and every breath came 
slowly, almost as if her body had forgotten how to breath.
"Okay..." Dominique sighed, and proceeded to end it for 
She turned away from her enemy's prone body and did an 
amazingly quick backflip, but instead of landing on her feet, she 
went belly down. Her abs connected with Natalie's in a cross body 
splash, and the brunette's legs and arms convulsed wildly from the 
shock of the blow.
Dominique rose slowly and knelt by natalie's nearly 
unconscious body.
"Ooooooh.." was all the girl could say.
Dominique sighed.
"So..." she began. "What'll it be.....a sleeper?"
"Or how about a figure four head scissors?"
"Or maybe an Iron Claw?" Dominique continued.
No answer from Natalie.
"No.." Dominique finally decided. "I think simplicity works 
The gymnast raised her fists and brought them down with all 
the force contained in her perfectly toned arms.
They connected simultaneously with Natalie's soft belly and solar 
"UUUUUUUUUUUUUH!!!" was the shocked sound that followed.
This time, however, Dominique kept the pressure on the girl's 
belly area, pushing down with all her might. Natalie's tongue 
lolled out from her mouth as her legs rose slightly in a small 
"Uggggghhh.." she continued.
The paralysis grabbed Natalie and her limbs began to sag 
slowly as she continued "oooooooof"ing and "Uggggh"ing through the 
process of Dominique's final knockout blow.
Then, out of nowhere, Dominique's fists stretched out until 
they were planted firmly on the target areas in Natalie's 
"Night, night, bitch..." was her final call.
Dominique lifted herself up in a perfect handstand, with only 
Natalie's gut to support her. All of Dominique's weight fell 
suddenly on Natalie's belly.
The sound made its course until it slowly faded out of the 
arrogant star. Her eyes shut almost instantly and her arms and legs 
flopped to the mat like fish after their final gasps of poisonous 
Dominique held her handstand for an additional twenty seconds 
after that, just to make sure. Then she lowered herself slowly, 
standing up.
She looked down at Natalie Portman's vanquished form, and 
giggled like a schoolgirl.
"I was kidding..." she said, and stomped down on Natalie's 
belly one last time. The girl tittered slightly, but only as a 
reflex. She wouldn't be getting up for a while.
"........I hated your fucking movies..."