© 2004 by SleepWalker

As the bell clanged and I got a good look at my opponent for the first time, I
couldn’t help doubt that I had made a mistake. She was young, lithe and long-legged.
Then she confirmed what I had already begun to fear, as she pointed at me accusingly
and announced, “I am going to knock you out, baby. Cold. And then I’m going to wake
you up and knock you out again. And again.”

I tried to brush off her boast, but I knew she could do it. She looked experienced.
And I didn’t see how I could defend myself when I was so distracted by her long,
slender, scantily-clad body. Her lovely legs emerged from a tiny black thong which
climbed high above her hips and clung to her narrow waist. A matching miniscule
bikini top covered only the nipples of her ripe, bulging breasts.

“ Aren’t you going to take off those shoes?” I asked, trying to sound cocky and
failing miserably: there was a nervous edge to my voice which I’m sure she could
hear as well as I could. For it wasn’t just her long sexy legs, her toned body or
even the sinister smile forming on her face now, but the shoes which distracted me
most. She was perched on silver platform heels that made her sculpted legs
impossibly long and shapely, causing her to strut as if on tiptoe as she approached

“ On the contrary,” she said calmly. “I fight best in heels. You’ll be surprised how
much damage they can do. I’ll try not to bruise your handsome face, but I do love
seeing a man lying unconscious under these heels. Are you ready?”

But before I could respond she took two long strides toward me and launched a
lightning kick which caught me solidly under the jaw. My head spun and a thousand
sparkles of light filled my brain. I weaved drunkenly and tried to regain my senses,
giving her plenty of time to gauge her next kick. Her long sexy leg suddenly came
swinging toward me again, this time from the side in a long arc, catching me on the
cheek. My head twisted around violently. Blackness overwhelmed me momentarily and I
sank to my knees, swaying unsteadily. Through a thick haze I watched her approach
me. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. I looked blankly up at her, trying
to summon the strength to rise.

I watched dumbly as she raised her hand over her head. Then she brought it down
swiftly, striking me on the side of the neck. Her karate chop was executed with
surgical precision. A loud groan escaped involuntarily from somewhere deep down in
my throat. “Uggh!” I sighed and collapsed forward into her, my face burying itself
in her fleshy thighs. She readied another chop, raising and flattening her hand. She
lifted it, held it aloft for a moment and smiled as she saw I wasn’t going to be
able to defend myself. Again the blunt edge of her hand descended like a piece of
wood, burying itself into the sinews of my neck. My head arched backward and I
groaned aloud at the ceiling. I reached out and grabbed her smooth legs in order to
hold myself up.

She loosened my grip and backed away so as to better assess my condition. My hands
fell lifelessly to my sides and dangled there uselessly. I swayed from side to side,
still on my knees, blackness crowding in around me. Shaking my head helped clear
some of the haze and I put one hand down onto the floor and tried to push myself up
into a standing position.

But before I could fully gain my feet she readied another kick. She carefully gauged
the distance between us like a placekicker preparing for a field goal. I looked up
just in time to see the leather instep of her deadly shoe swinging toward me. Then
it caught me under the chin and the room seemed to explode with light.

Her kick sent me flying. I performed a backflip in midair and crashed heavily onto
the floor. I lay there moaning, trying to focus my blurry vision. The ceiling came
into view momentarily, then faded again as I lay there helplessly on my back,
slipping toward unconsciousness. She approached and stood over me, lifting one foot
daintily and resting it on my chest. “I think it’s just about time to end Round
One,” she announced in a sultry whisper.

She leaned down and grabbed my arms and pulled me effortlessly to my feet and
somehow I kept my balance. Then she backed away in order to better survey the
situation as she decided how to put me out. I devoted my full concentration to just
standing erect and waited for her next attack, unable to fight back. I knew her next
blow would knock me out completely and I wondered how she would do it and whether it
would hurt very much.

I didn’t have to wait long to find out. She sauntered slowly toward me and gripped
me by the shoulders. Her lips formed a sinister grin as she leaned close and said
quietly into my ear, “It’s time for you to take a little nap now, baby. Have a nice
sleep and dream about these long legs which are about to knock you out cold.” She
ran her hands sensuously up and down the insides of her soft thighs.

Then, without warning, she pulled me suddenly toward her, at the same time raising
her knee and thrusting it deep into my belly. A loud “Ooof!” escaped from my lungs
and throat and I bent forward, clutching my tender abdomen. She grasped the back of
my head firmly, then abruptly pushed it down while simultaneously bringing her knee
sharply upward into my face.

I somehow knew instinctively that I would not be getting up again for a while as my
world seemed to explode with light. Her knee propelled me backward again into
another involuntary backflip. I came to rest on the floor with one arm lying lazily
above my head, and one leg propped up slightly. I tried to resist the
unconsciousness which was taking me, but soon gave up. Then I let out a long sigh
and surrendered myself to sleep. With one final bleary-eyed glance upward I passed
out as she stood over me, straddling my prone body with one arm cocked jauntily and
her long fingers resting lightly on her hip.

to be continued? ...