By YoursTruly

My life at St. Catherine's Catholic school had been an insufferably
boring affair. Then, about a month ago, the new girl came on the scene,
and that all changed. I was in History when she walked in, the noise of
gum-chewing preceding her. She was a tall girl (taller than me anyway),
wearing the same standard uniform that we were all issued. The only
exception to that was that she had her plaid skirt hiked down and her
school vest rolled up, exposing her smooth, soft belly. She hadn't done
any sit-ups in the last couple of year, I could tell, but the slight
protrusion of her belly was far from unattractive, and she knew it. It
gave her that burst of "innocence" that was finally achieved by her
child-like face. She was 17 years old, just like the rest of us, but
her attitude and strut turned 17 into something like 25. Her long brown
hair rested against her back as her piercing jade eyes surveyed the

"Huh..." she muttered sarcastically, "bunch of bitches."

I knew immediately that I wasn't going to like her at all.

"Class.." Mrs. Humphries announced, "this is our new student Alyssa.
Please make her feel welcome at St. Catherine's."

A few "hey"s and "hello"s from the class.

Alyssa walked over to an empty seat and slid into it slowly, letting her
skirt ride up even more. Her gaze immediately turned to me and she
smiled viciously. She raised her hand slowly and extended her middle
finger as Mrs. Humphries continued her lecture. She continued to smile
as she mouthed the words "Fuck You". Alyssa had been here for a total
of two minutes and was already messing with the wrong girl. I returned
the smile and the finger immediately, a murderous look in my eyes. For
a second, her smile slightly faltered, then...

"LeeAnn?" Mrs. Humphries called.

I still had my middle finger extended when I answered her.


I could hear Alyssa giggle.

"To the office, young lady...now."

I put my hand down and got up slowly, knowing that any back-talk would
lead to more trouble. Alyssa continued to giggle as I headed for the

"Bye, bye, bitch." she barely whispered.

I turned around and gave Mrs. Humphries a "Did you hear That?" look.

"Well, little missy," Humphries said, "Are you going, or do I have to
call someone to come get you?"

"No.." I muttered, and turned to leave.

Alyssa's giggling continued as I headed for the office.


At 3:10, the final bell rang. There was the thunder of lockers being
open and shut, and doors being pushed by girls headed for the freedom of
a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. I knew that longing, but it would have
to wait that day, I had other plans. I hid behind the ample bushes
next to the main exit. 20 minutes passed before Alyssa made her way
out. She took a look at all the parked cars awaiting students and
turned to her right. I silently prayed as she began to walk away from
the cars. I sighed in relief as she headed towards the walkway located
on the side of the school building. Every girl at St. Catherine's had a
Porsche or a Mercedez waiting for her every day, except for myself and,
God bless it, little Alyssa. I rolled up the sleeves of my shirt and
took a look at the biceps I had spent months in a gym to acquire. It
was time to put them to work. I slowly crept out of the bushes and
tailed the unsuspecting new girl.

The walkway was empty, of course, except for Alyssa and myself. My
shoes clacked on the cobblestone and Alyssa immediately turned around.
I was expecting her to run, but instead, she put her hands on her hips
and laughed.

"Oh shit!" she exclaimed, "this is too good! What, are you going to
'beat me up' now?" Her hand clutched her bare belly as she laughed

"You want to get in more trouble? Huh?" she continued. Her laughter
began to decrease as I walked closer. Her smile completely faded as she
saw the look in my eyes. The same murderous look she had seen in class.
She realized in a split second that the game was over.

"Wait.." she stammered, "I...OUUFFFFF!!!"

My fist sank wrist deep into the pit of her exposed belly. Her books
fell to the ground and her entire body pitched forward in an instant
reflex. I could hear her attempts at catching her breath, coughing and
wheezing desperately.

"Wait for what, bitch?" I said as I grabbed a handful of her hair. I
pulled her up. Her face was a mask of pain, her cheeks red and her
eyelids half-closed.

"Unnnnnhhh..." she muttered weakly.

I wrapped my arms around Alyssa's waist and pulled her up in a massive
bearhug. I could feel the air whiffle out of her as it left, puffing
her cheeks out repeatedly. I dropped her and pushed her up against the
school wall. With one hand, I hooked her arms together and pushed them
against the brick above her head. She nodded her head dizzily as I
proceeded to administer 5 consecutive shots to her soft belly.

"Oooh, ohhhhhfff, ooooghhh, oooof, oooooooooh!" she responded. Her legs
buckled and she began to pass out. My hand sank into the pit of her
skirt and squeezed hard between her legs. Her eyes flew open like
shutters as she uttered a croaking groan.


"Who's laughing now, bitch?" I heard myself ask. My knee rose and
planted itself deep in her belly. Her head pitched forward as she
coughed out air and spittle. I released her and she slid down the brick
onto her rear, with her legs splayed out in front of her. She continued
her low moaning, and I took a look around. The coast was clear. I took
a short step back and lifted my right foot. I jumped forward and sent
the tip of my brand new, white-as-snow, 50 dollar sneaker into the pit
of Alyssa's belly.

"OOOOOOOOOOF!" was the sound that poured out of the girl. It was a
glorious thing to hear. Her legs convulsed and her soft cheeks puffed
out endless streams of oxygen as she absorbed the deep impact of my
kick. I could see the crotch of her panties underneath her flapping
skirt and noticed unconsciously that they were printed with hearts.
Yeah, right. Sweet little girl, my ass.

Once again, Alyssa's eyelids fluttered as she began to slip away. I
yanked her up by a long strand of brown hair, now a mess and drenched
with fear-stained sweat. She squawked as she rose, almost demanding to
be left unconscious. Once again....yeah, right. I stood her up and let
her go. Her legs were shaking and her arms were limp at her sides. Her
belly was bright red and she was uttering a low continuous groan. She
began to slowly lean backwards.

"Don't you dare fall, bitch!" I yelled. Alyssa's eyes flinched as she
struggled to remain upright.

"Oooooohh...." she groaned, "....please....uhhhh..."

"I said...DON'T...FALL."

She finally steadied herself. How? I don't know. But she did.

"You want this to end?" I asked sweetly.

She nodded weakly.

"Okay," I replied...."but first..."

Without warning, I rammed my right fist into Alyssa's belly. Her whole
body seemed to rise with the punch.

"Uhhhh!" she groaned.

I followed immediately with a left.


I continued the pattern, punching her belly with lefts and rights. She
grunted and groaned as the slugs forced her to step back on the grass,
but she would not fall.

Good, it was exactly what I wanted. I began to get creative.

A right hook to the belly.


A side kick to her navel.


A double fisted punch to her gut.


A series of four alternating fists that connected in less than 2

"OOOoooogh, Oooooouff! Auhhhhhhhhgggg.....ULLLLLFFF!..."

And with each punch, the girl would be pushed back, step by step, until
her back rested against the rough bark of an oak tree. She began to
slide down, but my fist planted itself in her belly. She uttered a loud
" whooooff...", but continued to slide down. I got on one knee and
pushed my fist upwards into her soft, teenage belly. She stopped
sliding and began to groan as she realized that my fist was the only
thing supporting her limp body. She tried to stand herself up, but she
was too weak. the farther down she slid, the deeper my fist plowed into
the pit of her belly.

The air whooshed out of her as she began to slip into unconsciousness.
This time, I let her. She passed out against the tree, with my fist
implanted in her belly. Her legs went limp and I released her slowly.
For a second, her angelic face looked at peace, but then I noticed the
stop sign-red shade on her belly's skin. My revenge had been exacted.
She was completely out of it, and I felt like a goddess.

"Hello?" a loud voice rang out behind me. "Is anyone here?"

My blood froze.

Mrs. Humphries. Shit.....

Somehow, Alyssa's eyes slid open. She opened her mouth and managed to
groan a single word.....


.....before my hand covered her mouth.

Humphries continued to call out "Hello?", but we were hidden from her

I pulled Alyssa's body forward and she slid effortlessly away from the
tree. I ran around her weak body and wrapped one arm around her neck
and braced her head against the back of her head.

"Hello?" Mrs. Humphries continued.

I squeezed hard, applying pressure on Alyssa's carotid artery. A
classic sleeper hold. Her legs flailed slightly as she tried to pull my
arm away. Slowly but surely, her arms and legs began to slow in their
struggles. In less than 30 seconds, the girl went limp and passed out
against me. I released her and she fell back. Mrs. Humphries was gone.

I stood and looked down at Alyssa's unconscious form. She would wake up
feeling humiliated (not to mention the headache she's have to endure)
and stupid. but most importantly, she would never fuck with

I stomped down on her exposed, crimson belly. Her legs pulsed in
reflex, but her facial expression was still that of an out cold teenage
bitch. I reached down and grasped the edge of her schoolgirl plaid
skirt. I yanked up, tearing the fabric as it slipped off of her. She
continued to lay there, heart-printed white panties and all, completely
out of it. I smiled and walked forward, using her belly as a stepping
stone. Once again, her legs convulsed and a feeble "ooof..." escaped
her throat. I turned my head as I walked away, and grinned in spite of
myself. I squeezed the cloth of her skirt in the same fist that had
pounded her weak belly and laughed out loud.

My life at St. Catherine's would forever cease to be boring.