Low Down Dirty Shane
By Subgirl

His eyes were tired as he rubbed them and paused for a minute from editing the new matches they had just filmed. The doorbell startled him as he looked at his watch; “Shit!” he said knowing that the person at the door was the 2 o’clock interview. She was a new girl or wanted to be, he had standards and she would have to live up to them.

Sleeperkid started for the door then realized he was wearing shorts and a comfy t-shirt but decided it was too late to change. So he answered the door dressed in his editing clothes. Sleeperkid was pleasant surprised as the girl waiting for him was very sexy. She was 5’9 and about 135lbs, blonde and pretty blue eyes. He couldn’t help notice the short black mini skirt and sandals she was wearing as he invited her inside.

She held out her hand, “Hi I’m Shane.” And Sleeper took her hand and smiled, maybe he should have been watching her right knee as it shot upwards and slammed into his stomach. The gasp as the air was forced out and he doubled over or tried to but Shane had his hand. She pulled him towards her and another knee to the chest as he fell backwards and tried to retreat to safety.

Sandals off, Shane tracked him down from behind and forced him to the floor by sitting on his back and reaching under the chin and pulling back hard. Sleepers back arched as Shane applied her camel clutch with the skill of a veteran. He tapped her leg in submission and she laughed and for the first time he was starting to worry. Shane continued to apply the pressure until Sleeperkid thought his neck was about to snap.

She released her hold as his held fell to the floor and she grabbed both arms and pulled them back and up in a surfboard hold. Shane pulled harder as Sleeperkid moaned; his arms felt like there were being disjointed. She stood and turned, still holding his wrists and put her foot on his face and pulled hard. Sleeperkid groaned in pain. Her toes pressing into his cheek as she smiled, Shane was definitely enjoying herself.

She moved her feet so they were on either side of his head and she pulled up on his arms and pulled him to his knees. “Why are….owwwww” his sentence cut off as her thighs locked on his neck and applied a cruel kiss to it. She crossed her ankles and sleepers only view was of her perfectly pedicured red toenails.
Shane sat down, his head locked tight in her scissors. Arms still being pulled up towards her. He tried to talk to her but she was listening and soon the energy to talk was hard to come by. Sleeper was barely awake when Shane released her scissors, he mumbled thank you but it would go on deaf ears as she rolled him to his back and sat behind him. Long legs wrapping his head up in her figure four headscissors. His arms tried to move but lacked coordination and guidance from a brain that was shutting down.

She smacked him on top of the head, “No sleeping until I say so.” And he mumbled. She released her hold and helped him into a sitting position although she was holding him to keep sleeper from falling over. Shane was sitting behind him, legs wrapped his midsection as her arms wrapped his neck and she leaned back.
His last conscious thoughts were of her perfume and how sweet she smelled. Shane felt his body surrender to her. She knew he was out and released her hold. She stood and looked around and saw what she was looking for. She grabbed his camera and took his picture resting peacefully on the floor where she had put him. Shane glanced at the clock on the wall, it was 2:11. It had taken her nine minutes to destroy sleeperkid.

She rolled him over and sat on his butt and tied his hands behind him. Slid down and pulled his shorts off as she went, leaving his jockey briefs on. She tied his ankles and hands to feet and set the cameras timer and began posing over him and with him.

Finally Shane was done. No sense being greedy now is there. So she grabbed her sandals, pulled her mini back down and tucked his shorts into her purse. Looked back one last time and closed the door and walked back to where he lay.

Sleeperkid woke with can only be described as the mother of all headaches. He couldn’t move and found her rope skills equal to that of her fighting skills. He lay there after a futile attempt at escaping. So he lay there and lay there…

About an hour later the door opened and in walked two of his girls. The stopped and well, laughed at his predicament. One girl walked over and examined the ropes, “Nice work…who did you piss off?” and she untied him. He stood and they both broke out in the biggest laughter. Sleeperkid looked down and saw the heart drawn on his white briefs in red lipstick. His face turns as red as the lipstick.

So Sleeperkid films a match that night and is editing the pics the following day and finds the ones Shane took. He isn’t sure if he is pissed or curious about them but was definitely confused.

Two weeks later and he is walking through the grocery store with his basket. He gets everything on the list and heads to the checkout. He looks back and there she is. He turns around, Shane looks at him. “Want to explain what the hell that was about?” “Who did you take to the freshman prom?” “Do what?” “Who?” “Becky…” searching for her last name. “Becky.” “Who were you suppose to take?” “Bec…” and he stopped himself. “Shane…Shane Dillon” “I’m touched, you remember.” And he was trying to think of what to say and all that came out was, “Rematch” She smiled, “Maybe someday.” “You owe me a rematch, what you did wasn’t fair.” She tossed him a box of Kleenex and gave a wicked grin, “never knew you to be a whiner.” And he paid for his groceries and waited outside.
Shane walked by him, “Are you stalking me?” “I’m serious I want a rematch.” “I hope your wearing clean underwear this time.” “Hey leave my underwear alone.”
Two hours later and Sleeperkid was starring at her toes again. He was thinking to himself how the hell did I get here. Shane smiled, “You still awake?” “Would now be a good time to apologize about the dance?” “You can try but old wounds take time to heal.” Sleeper would do his best but only time will tell if Shane accepted it….what do you think?