'Friend'ly Punishment 
By 4Ever Gonzo

It was time to settle something. 

Samantha and Monique have always been good friends
since they met through their parents on the

They went from dolls and make-up to athletics and one
hell of a competitive relationship. However, you
wouldn’t know they were friends if you ever saw them
compete against each other. Both girls hated losing
and it didn’t matter if they were competing in the
100-metre dash, a tennis match, darts or even
scrabble, a win was always a win and that meant
bragging rights until the next time they competed
against each other. 

This was the way it always was and as long as they’re
friends, it’s the way it always will be. 

One night while watching WWE, after Torrie lost to
Lita on Raw, Monique mentioned how much wrestling had
changed. Gone were the true wrestlers like Ivory,
Molly and Jacquline and now there was Melina, Ashley,
Torrie and Candace. Women wrestling came down to who
looked good in skanky clothes and not who could
deliver the best in-ring performance. 

Samantha, on the other hand, disagreed. She thought it
was wonderful that beautiful, model-like women could
now do both, wrestle and still appear in Playboy and
WWE photo shoots. She thought Torrie had real
wrestling skills and that she would pin Monique in
less than a minute. 

Well that’s all Monique needed to hear. 

“You think so, huh? Well, I bet I can pin you in 30
seconds flat.”

One still has to understand that although the argument
started to get heated and a challenge was obviously
coming, both girls still loved each other deeply. This
was just their competitive side.

“Thirty seconds flat? Are you serious? You think you
can beat me in half a minute?”

“Not right now,” Monique replied. “Let’s do it in my
bedroom next Monday. It’ll be like our own Monday
night Raw.”

Although this intrigued Samantha, she wasn’t about to
do the roll around on the bed type match. She wanted a
real contest, she wanted to prove that she could pin
and defeat her life-long friend. 

“Alright,” said Samantha. “But we use real punches. We
might as well see who the better fighter is, right?”

“Of course,” replied Monique. “Would I have it any
other way?”

So the girls had a week to prepare before their own
Raw moment happened in Monique’s basement bedroom. 
One week later

Samantha arrived at Monique’s just before JR
announced, “We are live…” 

She walked downstairs and into Monique’s bedroom where
the tall blonde was doing push-ups. 

“Wow, you’re serious about this aren’t you?” asked

“Can’t you tell?” laughed Monique, who was dressed in
her blue, one-piece gymnast suit. 

Monique has been in gymnastics since she was six and
she’s now 18. She was taller than Samantha, who was
also 18 and at six-feet even, had about three inches
on her friend. She was about 120 pounds, a typical
gymnast weight. Her plan was to use her flexibility. 
Monique left the room so Samantha could change. She
was about 5’10 and came in at about 130 pounds. She
was 10 pounds heavier and was stronger than her
friend. She decided to go with a Melina type look
because of Monique’s views on divas like Melina and
Torrie. She wore a white skirt with a matching tank

She called Monique into the room and the two settled
on the rules:

No weapons were allowed, but everything else was

Monique danced around the room to start things off.
She knew she was faster than Samantha and she wanted
Samantha to chase her. Samantha stood her ground and
for about five minutes, the match was nothing more
than a game of cat and mouse.

“Well fuck,” Samantha said, dropping her hands to her
side. “We have to get started here or we’ll…”

Monique took advantage of Samantha’s eagerness and
landed a kick to Samantha’s gut. Her knees buckled
and her face was totally squinted.


The loud sound filled the room and she quickly
dropped to her knees, holding the injured area with
two hands. 

With her upper body totally exposed, Monique thought
about her next move. 

With Samantha reeling on her knees, Monique stepped
behind her and yanked Samantha up by her hair. She put
one hand on Samantha’s lower back another on behind
her knee, lifted her friend into the air and sent her
 crashing down on her knee. A perfect atomic drop. 

“AAGGGGHHHHHH,” yelled Samantha, who dropped face
first to the carpet. It wasn’t long before she started
rolling around on the ground.
Monique quickly jumped on the bed. A belly-to-belly
splash could end this quick, she thought. She waited
until Samantha rolled on her back and when she did,
Monique saw victory. Samantha was out, her arms laid
by her side. The pain must have gotten to her friend.
After all, they weren’t wrestlers and neither have
done anything like this before. 

With a smile on her face, Monique leaped off the bed,
arms outstretched. 

However, Samantha lifted both knees and caught Monique
square in the midsection. She could feel the gymnasts’
tight body turn to mush on impact. 

“OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!” The deep moan of air rushing out
of Monique’s lungs gave Samantha an opening. 
Monique literally bounced off Samantha and she landed
facedown on the floor. She arched her butt high in the
air and grabbed her stomach as she tried to catch her

This time Samantha jumped on the bed and waited for
Monique to roll over on her back. She did just that
when she started to breath, but unlike Samantha, she
didn’t see the belly splash coming.


Samantha’s heavier frame came crashing down and she
thought she could hear ribs cracking. Monique was in
serious trouble. 

Her face turned red, her tongue was hanging out like a
thirsty dog and eyes were bug eyed. She couldn’t catch
her breath. Both legs and arms were spread and hung
about 10 inches off the ground and convulsed for about
15 seconds before dropping. 

It looked like it was over. Samantha was about to
cover her friend when she glanced at the screen and
saw a Stone Cold Steve Austin sign in the crowd on
Raw…Austin was her favourite. 

She hooked both arms under Monique’s armpits and
pulled her up and literally stood her by the wall,
which was the only thing keeping her up. She spread
her legs apart and walked across the room to get a
running start. She ran across to where Monique stood
and kneed her in the gut…revenge she thought. 
Monique was again conscious and yelped in pain. She
was about to fall to her knees when Samantha delivered
a stunner. 


Monique simply fell to the left and lay motionless on
her side. Samantha stood over her fallen opponent and
was about to cover when a wave of convulsions overcame
Monique and she flipped on her back. Finally she lay
still, spread-eagle with her arms above her head. 

Samantha stood above Monique, dropped to her knees and
lay across her chest. She reached down and hooked
Monique’s right leg, which lay limp across her arm.
She pulled it all the way back to the point Monique’s
toes touched her forehead. 


Samantha let Monique’s leg drop to the place where it
initially rested. She had quite a story for her friend
whenever she came to. 

But it wouldn’t be the last time the friends would