Over the years I’ve had the chance to chat with tons of fans online, as well as answer thousands of curious emails. Several questions seem to keep coming up, however, so I’ve decided to compile the most frequently asked right HERE for you to peruse.

So be warned!!! If you pop up online or email me with any of the queries below, THIS is the page I’ll be sending you to!


At SKW, we prefer to emphasize action, performances, and choreography over anything pornographic…if only because nude/sexual wrestling is a genre we feel has saturated the market. That, and it’s a lot more fun for us as fans of staged combat to keep it PG-13!
Drop us a line at iamsleeperkid@yahoo.com and include a body shot or link to an online portofolio (if possible). We’re always looking for new talent!
Nope! And they never will be. Our top priority at SKW is the safety and well-being of our wrestlers!
While we fully appreciate that kind of action, we prefer to leave it to the pros...AKA: those who have trained for such fights and know the safety measures/limits that go along with them. Such battles as performed by experienced girls are indeed a marvel to watch, but when engaged in by unexperienced wrestlers, the same kind of fight can be risky and potentially dangerous to both participants. Also, this site grew from the creator's love of the pro-fantasy aspect of wrestling, and will continue to run loosely on that theme, with the emphasis being on roleplay and safety. For pure competitive action, we can recommend dozens of other sites you can visit. Feel free to email us and we'll get you started in that direction!
I am currently co-running www.sensuallysavageproductions.com with the lovely Saya Savage: a site that features sensual female combat. Check it out when you get a chance!



If you don’t see your question answered above, feel free to email me at iamsleeperkid@yahoo.com.