Here are the guidelines for submitting your fiction, folks:

1) No pornography of any kind…this includes nudity, sexual themes, etc.

2) Keep the action related to female vs female or mixed wrestling/KOs, etc. Fantasy storylines (superheroines, spy vs spy) are also welcome.

3) Please use appropriate spelling and/or grammar!

It’s that simple! Enjoy the fiction!

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For Sleeperkid’s Interview with Hollywood!


 – “Kumiko vs Emerald” – By Wrestlingwriter “The camera begins to pan over the room starting at the edge of the blue mats and moving outward as it captures the scene of the mat room for today’s foray. It stops, when it catches the sight of Emerald standing in the middle of the mat.”

– “Sasha vs Smallz” – By Wrestlingwriter “The camera begins to pan over the room, starting at the edge of the blue mats, capturing every inch of the enticing battleground that awaits. The white walls enclose the space, creating an intimate atmosphere for the impending clash of wills. There are no spectators or audience to witness the raw brutality that is about to unfold, only the camera operator, Knockoutman, as the sole witness to this carnal spectacle.”

– “Kumiko vs Smallz” – By Wrestlingwriter “As the camera pans over the room, the atmosphere is charged with anticipation. The pristine blue mats stretch out, awaiting the impending clash between two contrasting forces. – The camera operator KnockoutMan gives the introduction, “Hello everybody, welcome to knockoutman’s world. With us today we have the lovely Kumiko making her return the mat room.” – From behind the curtain, an air of confidence emanates as Kumiko steps forward, her dark hair cascading over her shoulders. Her petite frame belies the raw power that lies within.”

-“Who Gets Tim?” : –  by Jason Pinaster “Sonia and I had a strict rule—no interference with each other’s boyfriends. And if it was a question of a new man in our lives, we had strict rules too. The first one to see a man had dibs on him. And if we both saw him at the same time, the one who was hysically closest had the first crack at his affections.”

-“Chun-Li: Crushed By Sagat” :Chun-Li’s fight versus Sagat wasn’t going so well.The two combatants had been duking it out inside a fighting ring in a small, but packed arena. It was one of the first matches of the R. Fighting Tournament, a unique competition in which the loser of a match would move on to fight again instead of the winner.

-“Wrestle My Way into Your Heart” – By Mongoose750. : “She quickly switched from her supposed bearhug to a sleeper hold. It was all Lisa could do to hang on as Louise bucked, twisted, and thrown elbows to break free, but if she could hold her for ten seconds, she might be able to end this match. The seconds moved slowly in Lisa’s mind, but finally she saw Louise’s movements become slower as she lost consciousness. ”

-“Friend’Ly Punishment” – By 4Ever Gonzo: “Monique simply fell to the left and lay motionless on her side. Samantha stood over her fallen opponent and was about to cover when a wave of convulsions overcame Monique and she flipped on her back. Finally she lay still, spread-eagle with her arms above her head.

-“A Sleuthed Sleuth” – By 4Ever Gonzo: “Suddenly Trisha’s legs kicked no more, except for the last few convulsions. Her tongue hung from the side of her mouth and for good measure, Deb applied the mandible claw. This pressure made Trisha gurgle silently. With Deb’s fingers still dug deep down and around Trisha’s throat, Paul dropped the medicine ball on the P.I’s stomach.”

-“The Tournament” – By Sasha S.: “Amanda’s eyes widened, and she started to tap harder and faster, but the ref indicated that the match should continue. When she recognized that her submission would not be accepted, Amanda panicked completely. Natalia’s left arm was directly under her chin, making speaking difficult, but Amanda started to plead: “I give, I give – you win! Let me go! Please, let me go! I don’t want to go out! I give!”

-“REIKO’S STORY (Rumble Roses)” – By DarkMark:Reiko bore in hard, slamming punches and knees into Ana’s gut, raising her head up sharply to catch her foe under the chin again, ducking another blow and catching Ana’s arm as she swung, sliding underneath it to slam Ana against the turnbuckle chest-first, and then doing a handstand behind her, scissoring her head, and flipping over to slam her opponent to the mat.”

-“A SCHOOLGIRL GOES DOWN” – By YoursTruly: “Every girl at St. Catherine’s had a Porsche or a Mercedez waiting for her every day, except for myself and, God bless it, little Alyssa. I rolled up the sleeves of my shirt and took a look at the biceps I had spent months in a gym to acquire. It was time to put them to work. I slowly crept out of the bushes and tailed the unsuspecting new girl.”

-“KNOCKOUT FRENZY PART FOUR” – By Ransom: “Becky gasped, “Yiiii!” and tried to pry Donna’s legs apart. But Donna just rocked her back and forth. Donna put her hands on the floor and stood up on her arms to put her whole body into the hold. Becky groaned. I thought she was done for and would momentarily pass out.”

-“THE FACILITY part 3” – By Sleepwalker: “As I began to push myself up, she raised one foot and planted it against my chest and pushed me back down, pinning me against the cushions. I couldn’t rise. Then she bent over; her face came close to mine and I thought she might kiss me. Instead, she cocked her fist back behind her ear, then punched me hard in the jaw. “

-“THE FACILITY part 2” – By Sleepwalker: “He managed to keep his balance somehow. Another chop caught him on the back of his neck, this time sending him to the floor. She waited while he pushed himself up onto his forearms, then unleashed a kick to the side of his head. His eyes glazed over, then he sank to the mat unconscious.”

-“KNOCKOUT FRENZY PART THREE” – By Ransom: “I force you down on the couch even though you twist and turn violently. But I have you in my control and then I sleeper you with my new method of using my knuckles with a hard concentrated pressure. The technique works beautifully. You go out like a light.”

-“KNOCKOUT FRENZY PART TWO” – By Ransom: “Jill locked up frozen with pain as she leaned forward with eyes bulging and going, “Ooooh!” Trish hit her again, this time in the stomach and sent her reeling back into the ropes. She didn’t give Jill a chance to recover as she pulled her out into the center again and got around behind her. It was now Jill’s turn to be put in a sleeper hold.”

-“THE FACILITY” – By Sleepwalker: “She secured the inside of one fleshy thigh snugly against his throat; her other leg pressed firmly against the side of his neck. Then she squeezed, constricting the man’s carotid arteries and cutting off the blood supply to his brain. He weakly brought his hands up and grabbed her knees, trying to wrench them apart, but to no avail. “

-“LOW DOWN DIRTY SHANE” – By Subgirl: “Sleeperkid took her hand and smiled, maybe he should have been watching her right knee as it shot upwards and slammed into his stomach. The gasp as the air was forced out and he doubled over or tried to but Shane had his hand. She pulled him towards her and another knee to the chest as he fell backwards and tried to retreat to safety..”

-“SLEEP ANOTHER DAY” – By SleepWalker: “Bond held his breath again briefly, choked, then gave in and breathed deeply. The pungent scent of the drug
again sent him immediately hurtling toward the depths of unconsciousness. She sensed
he was going out again, so she pulled away abruptly so as to keep him conscious long
enough to reveal the information she needed.”

-“KNOCKOUT FRENZY” – By RANSOM: Donna slipped her hands around behind her head until she found the crown meridian pressure point at the top of the neck. She sharply jabbed there with her thumb. Becky gasped and her face went blank. This time there was no question – she plunged instantly into obvious unconsciousness. “

-“KAYO ACADEMY” – By Peridot: There was a sickening crack. Her batons were sent flying, and she dangled limply in his grasp as he walked back to the centre of the platform. He held her up like a prize fish as she swayed to and fro, only semi-conscious, her fingers brushing the floor.

-“KNOCKOUT BOUT: ROUND ONE” – By SleepWalker: “As the bell clanged and I got a good look at my opponent for the first time, I couldn’t help doubt that I had made a mistake… “

-“KNOCKOUT BOUT: ROUND TWO” – By SleepWalker: “Her small feminine biceps dug with surgical precision into my carotid arteries and I surrendered entirely to her. A prolonged sigh issued involuntarily from somewhere deep within my chest and I passed out…”

-“SLEEPERQUEEN STRIKES AGAIN!” – By SleepWalker: The girl tightened the sleeperhold and her victim let out a grunt. He twisted from side to side, trying to free himself, but to no avail, as she wrapped her legs around his, immobilizing him completely. The man’s struggles slowed almost immediately as his strength was sapped.

-“3 GIRLS OUT FOR THE NIGHT” – By YoursTruly: “During the course of one day, all three of my roommates managed to piss me off beyond description…

-“DOM vs NATALIE” – By YoursTruly: “Natalie’s right fist pulled back in a millisecond and her entire body weight flew with the punch that followed…it felt like hitting a pile of bricks.”

-“BEATDOWN PERSONIFIED” – By KO23: “She pulled Helen to her feet, stood her up against the wall and looked into her eyes. ‘Those eyes are about to close, maybe for a very long time…'”

-“MISTRESS OF THE RINGS” – By Igby: “Arwen was in no position to protest Éowyn’s taunts. The constant pressure around both her waist and her carotid artery was quickly sapping her superior elf strength.”

-“DEFEATED” – By Shizuka:Stacey, with a shocked look, turned to
receive a fist to her face. Her head snapped to the left and then to the right as Lita followed up with another hard right hand.

-“THE PRO-PART ONE” – By JERI: “Lynn had been a professional wrestler as soon as she was old enough. Her father had seen to that. She was my age, but a lot harder, and a lot more skilled. She applied all the holds Louie described on me”

-“KILL JILL!” – By Marc4DEF: Jill lifted me over her head again, still holding me by the throat and belly claw. She chuckled in a twisted way as she threw me across the room…I slammed hard against the wall as I landed on the bed.”