Chun-Li: Crushed By Sagat




Chun-Li’s fight versus Sagat wasn’t going so well.


The two combatants had been duking it out inside a fighting ring in a small, but packed arena. It was one of the first matches of the R. Fighting Tournament, a unique competition in which the loser of a match would move on to fight again instead of the winner. Chun-Li had already lost in her first fight against Poison only a few hours ago, and now she was fighting again versus another strong opponent in Sagat. She was still sore and slightly drained from her earlier defeat, in contrast to Sagat who was fighting at his full strength.


Sagat was in full control from the start of the match, pressuring his weakened opponent with swift and powerful blows. Chun-Li was now almost completely backed up in the corner, breathing heavily and struggling to stay fully upright. breathing heavily as she continued to struggle. 


Chun-Li deflected a punch aimed at her face with her arm, and then just barely blocked another blow that had followed the first quickly. It threw her off her balance, though, letting Sagat’s next strike hit her squarely on her cheek.



Chun-Li’s head was rocked to the side, leaving her vulnerable to Sagat’s uppercut straight in her solar plexus.



Shock ran through Chun-Li’s body as air forcibly escaped through her lips. Sagat quickly followed up with a strong kick to her thigh.


Chun-Li dropped to one knee as one of her powerful legs was almost taken out of commission. Sagat forced her back up by punching Chun-Li in the gut and pushing his fist deep to make her stand up again. 



Chun-Li gasped loudly and her eyes bulged with the heavy punch straight to her stomach. As she doubled over, Sagat pushed her hard into the ringpost, causing her to bounce off of it, straight into a roundhouse kick that nailed Chun-Li in her pretty face.



Chun-Li was hit hard, and she immediately crumbled to her knees. Sagat caught her by her hair before she could fully collapse on the floor and pulled her up, letting him see her vacant and dazed expression. Her eyes were unfocused and distant; Chun-Li looked pretty out of it already in Sagat’s hold.



Chun-Li’s eyes bulged as Sagat threw a knee into her belly. Sagat now held her up by both sides of her head, then sharply kneed her poor stomach again.



Every breath Chun-Li took started to hurt with every blow she took to her gut. She also felt weaker and weaker with every hit, decreasing any chance she had of making a comeback.



Another knee struck Chun-Li and her knees buckled. The pain in her stomach had grown too intense for her to stay standing on her own power, so her entire weight was now being supported by Sagat.



Sagat continued with another sharp knee into the same spot on Chun-Li’s stomach, drawing more air out of the Chinese woman. Her cries were getting weaker but the suffering itself was just getting worse…







Chun-Li had no rest as her belly was pounded several more times by Sagat’s brutal knees. Her eyes were shut tight and she was slack-jawed at this point as she lost count of how many times Sagat pummeled her. 


Sagat finally stopped his onslaught on Chun-Li’s belly. Chun-Li clutched her midsection with both hands, vainly trying to relieve her agony. Sagat then dragged her harshly to the side and grabbed her arms, putting them between the ropes of the ring and twisting the ropes to trap her arms. 


“No, please… I’ve had enough…” Chun-Li pleaded. Chun-Li just wanted to collapse, curl up in a ball, and let the intense, unbearable pain subside. Sagat replied to Chun-Li by punching her hard in the face.



The punch rattled Chun-Li, knocking her head to her right side. 


Chun-Li made no sound as Sagat punched her face again, whipping her to the opposite direction of the earlier punch. Her head was starting to spin. Groggy, exhausted, and completely worn down, Chun-Li could do nothing as Sagat turned her into his own punching bag. Fists rained on Chun-Li’s perfect looks, knocking her head from side to side. A double-handed swing crashed into Chun’s cheek before Sagat finally stopped beating on her.

He released her from the ropes and lifted the thoroughly wrecked Chun-Li off the canvas by her hair, her arms and legs dangling totally limp. Chun-Li was evidently much too beaten up to even put up a fight anymore, but Sagat had to make sure. He drew his arm back and threw a crushing haymaker straight into Chun-Li’s abused midriff.




Pain exploded throughout the decimated Chun-Li’s body. 


Chun-Li’s eyes rolled up in her head as her eyelids closed, and the last vestiges of her consciousness disappeared. The beating that Chun-Li endured was finally too much for her body to handle, rendering her completely unconscious. She slumped down to her knees before her battered body collapsed on its stomach onto the fighting ring. Chun-Li was laid out on the mat face-down, her palms facing up and her backside displayed to the crowd. Sagat loomed menacingly over the defeated Chun-Li. He felt a pang of frustration at how easily he had overwhelmed the Chinese fighter; destroying her in their fight had proven to be nothing more than child’s play.



Even after Chun-Li’s knockout, they still wanted to see her demolished further. With no choice but to oblige, Sagat picked up her limp body and lifted her high over his head, getting ready to finish off the conquered and overwhelmed Chun-Li for the night. Chun-Li was completely unconscious as she faced the ceiling of the arena, unmoving in the gorilla press hold. The victorious fighter walked to a side of the ring, bent down, and tossed Chun-Li over the ropes.


Chun-Li sailed through the air, crashing on top of nearby tables and destroying them. Cameras flashed as nearby media and fans alike all took pictures of Chun-Li lying utterly defeated and solidly KOed on the wreckage of the ringside tables. Chun-Li wasn’t getting up anytime soon; her fallen figure continued to lie on display for her fans and the tournament promoters alike…