Who Gets Tim? – by Jason Pinaster

Sonia and I had a strict rule—no interference with each other’s boyfriends.  And if it was a question of a new man in our lives, we had strict rules too.  The first one to see a man had dibs on him.  And if we both saw him at the same time, the one who was physically closest had the first crack at his affections.

But on January 11, 2023, at 8:06 am, we discovered that our rules had a gap.  That’s when we set eyes on Tim.

Sonia and I were both between boyfriends, both on the hunt for male companionship.  Her break-up with Lance had been particularly messy.  Doug and I, on the other hand, had just slowly lost interest.

At 8:06 am, on January 11, 2023, Sonia and I were about to enter our favorite coffee shop.  I caught a glimpse of us in the reflection from the door—both mid-twenties, she blonde, me brunette, both beautiful.  We were both wearing dark grey wool pantsuits, pants hugging our curves, vests over our silk blouses, the perfect attire for two urban up-and-comers.

The coffee shop door opened and out stepped Tim.  Right in front of us.  Exactly the same distance in front of each of us.  Who was closest to him wasn’t even worth arguing about.

We watched him smile, then leave with his coffee.  “He’s hot,” I said.

“I want him,” she said.

“Flip a coin?”

“Kinda lame, Debbie.  If he ever finds out, he’ll blow us off.”

The aroma of fresh-brewed coffee hit me full force as we stepped towards our favorite barista.  “Let’s wrestle for him,” I said.

And that’s how we ended up renting the SleeperKidsWorld gym that Sunday morning.  We were each in the same wrestling outfits we’d worn in college—full coverage of our upper bodies and extending several inches down our thighs.  I was in red, Sonia in pink.  White cinderblock walls, blue athletic mats wall-to-wall on the floor.  Our feet scrunched on the mats, the texture tickling, the sound evoking high-school memories.

“Best of five,” I said and she nodded.  We circled, ready to engage.

I must not have done my stretches properly because my leg refused to get out of the way when Sonia darted in and easily tripped me down to the mats.  Her weight landed directly on top of me, squishing all the oxygen out of my lungs.  I laid still and let her pin me; there was no sense in tiring myself out.

Sonia pushed herself to all-fours, then lightly slapped my cheek.  “Come on, Debs, you have to at least try.”

“You need to go on a diet,” I told her.

Sonia looked down at her belly, then stood up.

I followed and we circled in the Greco-Roman wrestlers’ ready stance.  I shot a fist towards her belly—it would have been an illegal blow if it had actually landed—but it served its purpose.  Between being self-conscious about her weight and instinctively protecting her gut, Sonia froze just long enough for me to trip her down to the mats.

I landed on her the same way as she’d landed on me but I failed to totally evacuate her lungs of oxygen.  Sonia resisted the pin, lifting first one shoulder, then the other.  This was fine by me since she was using up twice as much energy as I was.  After a few futile attempts to dislodge me, Sonia gave up and surrendered to the pin.

“All tied up,” I said.  We were both sweating and Sonia’s sweat had begun to overpower her deodorant.  I pushed myself up to standing and extended an arm down towards her.

Sonia took my hand and I pulled her up.  Helping her up was a bit of a dominance play on my part but, since we were friends, it probably didn’t amount to much.

“Coach would have made us start from the mats,” she said.

“I thought this was for Tim’s benefit.”

This time when I jabbed my fist towards her belly, Sonia stepped into the punch, grabbed my wrist, and twisted my arm behind my back.  I had been so mortified when I’d actually struck her belly that I forgot to escape her arm hold and she easily tripped me backwards to the mats.

But I hadn’t been so mortified that I didn’t roll out of her attempted bellyflop and we grappled on the mats, both more-or-less fresh.  Sonia got around in behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist.  She tried to turn me over onto my back, even twisting an arm behind me, but I kept the front of my body pointed towards the mat.

When I pulled my arm free from her grasp, Sonia twisted so that her chest was pressing down on the back of my head and this time she managed to twist me over onto my back.  I rolled towards her.  Since she didn’t have a firm hold of me, Sonia had to put a hand under my shoulder.

When she pulled her hand out to go for a pin, I rolled the rest of the way and got mats back under my face.  The smell of vinyl accompanied the oxygen I sucked into my lungs.  Sonia was maintaining her dominant position but was expending an hellacious amount of energy to do so.

She got me into a full nelson, now an illegal hold, and shoved my face into the mats.  Sonia had caught me off-guard and had driven enough of the oxygen from my lungs that she managed to roll me over and get the pin.  She got up but I stayed on the mats.

“Debbie, Debbie,” she said as she looked down at me, “you really are out of shape.”

“The full-nelson was an illegal move.”

Sonia shrugged.  “Defend yourself at all times.”  She extended her arm down towards me.

Taking her hand would concede the pin.  Batting it away would be juvenile and unsportsmanlike.  I took her hand and she pulled me to my feet.

“Two to one for me,” she said.

Sonia bent forward, indicating that she was ready to engage.  I shook my head and put my hands on my hips.  Only when I was sure that my blood was re-oxygenated did I bend forward to match her posture.  At least I’d managed to muss up her hair.

Sonia grabbed the back of my head so I wrapped my hands around her neck and lower head as well.  Her hands were strong, grasping me firmly in their grip.  She whirled around, wrapped her hands around my waist and lifted my feet up off the floor just far enough to let her throw me down to the mats.  I landed on all-fours but she still had her arms around my waist.

Since I hadn’t liked where this position had led the last time, I yanked her hard to my left and rolled her under me, my back against her belly.  I got my feet flat on the mats and pushed upwards.  I pushed down on her arms with my hands.  I was now just far enough up her body that my butt was completely above her pubic bone.  Sonia tried to roll me sideways but I was able to resist and bounce my butt into her belly.

She jerked me in the opposite direction but this time I got a foot to the outside of her thigh and easily held myself in top position.

“Are you pinned?” I asked.

Sonia’s arms relaxed as she shifted her attention to her shoulders and this time I managed to land a really solid belly-bounce.  She gasped.  Her arms loosened further.  I turned myself to face her.

“You’re pinned,” I told her.

Sonia scowled up at me but made no move to lift her shoulder.  All remnants of her deodorant had fled.  Her outfit was drenched in sweat.  I waited a beat, then peeled myself off her.  I sort of moved an arm towards her to help her, but when she didn’t lift one of her own arms, I padded over to the water cooler.

When she came over, I gave her a bottle of water.  Friendship or dominance play?  The ambiguity was sweet.

I held up my bottle, as if giving her a toast.  “What if Tim already has a girlfriend?” I asked.

She ignored the toast, took a sip from her bottle, and held up her ring finger.  “No wedding band.  He’s fair game.”

“We’re all tied up.  Next pin wins.”

Sonia nodded.  “Wins Tim.”

We finished our water, walked carefully back to the center of the mats, as if each of us expected a surprise attack from the other.  As soon as we started to circle, Sonia lunged forward and grabbed the back of my head.  I shook her off and she circled right, forcing me to move in the opposite direction.

Given the way her relationship with Lance had ended with exploding fireworks while Doug and I had just fizzled out, I decided that Sonia needed Tim more than I did.  But she’d have to prove that she really wanted him; I wasn’t giving him up without a fight.

I moved in the direction opposite to the way Sonia was moving—maybe I could get around to her back.  But my footwork must have been off because she charged me as if she was a bull and I was a matador who had landed flat-footed.  She hit me solidly and I went down.  Hard.  Right on my butt.  She scooted forward and pressed my shoulders to the mats.

If this hadn’t been the last round, I would have let her pin me but, since it was the last round, I bent my knees, got my feet under me, and bucked her up and over my head.  I turned onto my stomach and got up to all fours, expecting to see her lying prone and helpless but instead she was coming right at me.

Sonia caught me under my shoulders and bowled me painfully over onto my back.  She’d caught me by surprise, stunned me, and got me into a schoolgirl pin—her butt on my belly, her hands pressing my wrists down by my ears.  “Tim’s mine,” she hissed.

Just as I remembered to try to breathe, she lifted her butt and dropped her entire weight onto my belly.  She lifted her butt again.  “I’m pinned,” I wheezed.

Sonia lowered herself down, slowly, and stopped just as her butt touched my stomach.

“You sure?”

I nodded as I tried to sip a spoonful of air into my lungs.  Sonia lifted herself off me, careful not to touch my battered belly.  Her cheeks were glowing.  She skipped out of the room as if she was a teenager once more.

After we showered, I kissed Sonia on the cheek.  “Go get him, girl!”

###  The End

About the Author:  Jason publishes adult erotic eBooks featuring wrestling and also displays his NSFW fiction on Deviant Art.  Many of his stories have been inspired by SleeperKidsWorld scenarios.  Please check him out at https://www.deviantart.com/jasonpinaster and at https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/JasonPinaster

Note from the SeeperKid:  I’m really happy that someone who knows what they’re doing is using our material and giving us credit for it and getting a good audience.  I’m looking forward to seeing more of his work.  SK