Kumiko vs Smallz – By Wrestlingwriter

Kumiko vs Smallz: The Demolition.

As the camera pans over the room, the atmosphere is charged with anticipation. The pristine blue mats stretch out, awaiting the impending clash between two contrasting forces.

The camera operator KnockoutMan gives the introduction, “Hello everybody, welcome to knockoutman’s world. With us today we have the lovely Kumiko making her return the mat room.”

From behind the curtain, an air of confidence emanates as Kumiko steps forward, her dark hair cascading over her shoulders. Her petite frame belies the raw power that lies within.

Dressed in an all-white bikini and barefoot, the material hugs her toned physique, accentuating every muscle and curve. With a devilish smirk, she locks eyes with the camera, her gaze filled with equal parts seduction and challenge. It’s clear that she thrives on the thrill of competition.

“Well, well, well…” Kumiko’s voice elegantly snakes through the air, a touch of amusement evident. “Seems like everyone’s afraid to face me, the undeniable OG of Knockoutman’s world. But behold, ladies and gentlemen, the brave soul who dares to take me on is none other than… Smallz.” She punctuates the name with a dismissive scoff, as if the mere mention is beneath her.

Knockoutman responds, “You have been away from some time, Kumiko and a lot has changed since you last stepped on the mats here. I honestly think you might be surprised by what Smallz has to offer.”

With a playful yet mocking tone, she muses aloud, “What am I supposed to do with a small-time amateur like that?” The sound of her voice is heard, as the camera swiftly shift it focus to side of where the rustling curtains announce the imminent arrival of Smallz.

In a dramatic burst of energy, he bursts through the fabric, causing Kumiko to jerk back in surprise. Her eyes widen as her breath catches in her throat, unable to contain her astonishment at the sheer size and presence of Smallz.

Smallz, towering over Kumiko at an impressive 6’9″, he exudes an aura of power that fills the room. His imposing figure seems to stretch endlessly, his every muscle defined and flexing beneath the fabric of his simple black wrestling trunks and wrestling boots. The glint of the kneepads and the mysterious luchador mask covering his face add an aura of intrigue to his appearance.

Without a word spoken, Smallz’s massive frame casts a daunting shadow over Kumiko. His eyes, concealed behind the mask, bore into her with an intensity that sends shivers down her spine. A menacing grin forms on his rugged face, highlighting the air of dominance that surrounds him. It is as though he effortlessly dismisses Kumiko’s earlier words, expressing his dominance in a language beyond mere words.

Through the lens of the camera, Smallz’s dominant presence is captured, his very essence seeping from every pore. As Kumiko’s once confident expression slowly fades, her features contort with a mix of fear and uncertainty. The weight of her words hangs in the air, now overshadowed by the imposing presence of Smallz.

Knockoutman sensing that the encounter is going to start now that Smallz has made his way into the room quickly starts explaining the rules of the bout. “Okay this is a 15 minute no holds barred multi-knockout match. You can begin once I count down from three.”

Smallz just lingers on the mat anticipating the start of the match, stepping closer and closer to Kumiko, who is slowly taking step by step back from him as Knockoutman begins the countdown. “3, 2, 1… Wrestle, he exclaims! As he steps back with the camera to catch all the action up close in personal in the mat room.

But before he can even finish the countdown, Smallz with a monstrous force of strength and power, springs into action with a predator’s instinct. In a blur of motion, he pounces upon Kumiko, his colossal hands encircling her petite waist like a vice. Caught off guard and trapped in his life sucking bearhug, all that can be heard is Kumiko’s startled cry of “Oh shit!” pierces the room.

Smallz pythonean biceps constrict around Kumiko’s midsection squeezing with intense pressure. With each passing moment, the grip becomes more unforgiving. Smallz tightens his grip, squeezing Kumiko against his granite-like chest. The bearhug, a testament to his unyielding power, compresses Kumiko’s lithe body, eliciting a soft gasp from her lips. The camera captures the exquisite mingling of pain on Kumiko’s face as she feels the raw strength of her opponent engulfing her.

Knockman from behind the camera check on Kumiko in her predicament “What do you say Kumiko?” He questions her as the match has just started, but from the grip of this bearhug, might be ending real soon.

All that can be heard is Kumiko’s grunts and cries of pain, yet however she responds to Knockman. “Ahh! Fuck!….I’m not giving up….he can’t break me. Kumiko’s voice trembles with a mix of pain and defiance, her words laced with a determination that refuses to extinguished.

Smallz chuckles at Kumiko’s lack of realization of her situation, and then start to really wrench in the bearhug hold. The pressure is relentless as he applies all his brute strength. Kumiko’s petite fram feels like it’s being crushed beneath the weight of a mountain. As Smallz applies the bearhug, but with an added spice by ragdolling her around with hold.

Through the unforgiving bearhug, the wrestlers’ bodies create a captivating visual spectacle. Kumiko’s sweat-slicked skin glistens under the harsh lights as she fights against the suffocating hold. Her muscles, rippling with tension and exertion, display an undeniable strength despite the odds stacked against her.

As Kumiko’s breaths become more labored, her body begins to give way, her muscles straining against the unbearable force start becoming to much from her. Every nerve ending in her body seems to scream in agony, Kumiko can feel her body weakening. The camera zooms in, capturing each contortion of pain on Kumiko’s delicate features, as her body slowly start to go limp in Smallz’s grasp. Her ragdoll-like movements betray the overwhelming power of her opponent, leaving her in a vulnerable state of surrender.

Smallz, relishing in his dominance, continues to manipulate Kumiko’s body with his iron grip. He effortlessly shakes her from side to side, but all the fight and gusto is gone, as the camera catches the Kumiko’s face you can see her tongue slip out as she passes out from the sheer pain of the move.

Knockoutman hand can be seen on camera checking Kumiko’s arm to check if she is still is conscious. He lifts her arm in the air falls like stack of brick back down three times in row. “Okay Smallz she is out, first falls goes to you.”

The camera captures the intensity in Smallz’s eyes as he realizes the magnitude of his power. A devilish smile curls his lips beneath the mask a silent celebration of his triumph. With a loud thud, Smallz finally releases Kumiko from the bearhug, allowing her lifeless body to crump to the mat like a delicate flower wilting under his unyielding strength. The camera lingers on her unconscious form, capturing the aftermath of Smallz’s destruction. The camera zooms into capture all of Kumiko face as sweat protrudes from pours and a small trickle of saliva falls from her perched lips as she sucks in the much need oxygen the bearhug had deprived her of. The camera angle accentuates the vulnerability and sensuality of Kumiko’s unconscious state, her disheveled hair cascading around her, her flushed cheeks, and her heaving chest.

Smallz standing over the unconscious Kumiko seems energetic, as he pumps his fist in anticipation of his next form of torment for the poor worn-out fighter. With a mischievous grin on his face, Smallz plans to revive Kumiko in the most dramatic fashion possible. He positions himself at the corner of the mat, his massive frame casting a shadow on the floor where Kumiko lies.

Taking a deep breath, Smallz lets out a rumbling yell, a of primal aggression and confidence. His mighty muscles flexing, he gallops forward, his steps thudding against the mat. The camera zooms in, capturing the detailed movements of his bulging biceps, chiseled chest, and powerful legs. He leaps right before he gets to Kumiko, As Smallz’s body sours through the air, time seems to stand still as he reaches the peak of his jump, his muscles tighten like coiled springs. His body becomes a work of art in motion, a symphony of power and grace.

Then with a thunderous impact, Smallz massive 6’9” 230 frame crashes down upon Kumiko in devasting full-body splash. The mat trembles beneath them, creating shockwaves that reverberate throughout the room. The camera shakes with the force of the impact, adding to the intensity of the moment.

Kumiko awakens abruptly, her petite form jolting back to life as Smallz’s weight crashes down upon her. Kumiko lets out a captivating blend of a scream and a moan, a testament to the overwhelming sensation coursing through her body. Her eyes widen in surprise, a mix of pain and exahsution in her expression.

Kumiko’s screams fill the room, her yells echoing off the walls. “Awww… nooo… stop… it’s too much!” she cries out, her words laced with both agony and delight. The camera captures the raw emotion on her face, her eyes squeezed shut as she endures the crushing force of Smallz’s body pressing down on her.

Kumiko struggles to breathe, with the weight of Smallz’s dominating presence taking its toll on her delicate frame. The camera shifts, capturing a close-up of Kumiko’s face, her features contorted in the exquisite agony of the moment. Beads of sweat glisten on her forehead, evidence of the physical exertion and the overwhelming emotional intensity she’s experiencing.

As Smallz rises from Kumiko’s prone form, he pushes himself off her chest with deliberate force, emphasizing his dominance over the petite wrestler. As the camera focused on the worn-out Kumiko lying on the mat, her petite frame trembling with exhaustion, Smallz, a hulking figure of dominance, reveled in his power. His bulging muscles glistened with sweat under the dim lights, accentuating his intimidating presence.

With a sadistic grin, Smallz reached down, clutching Kumiko’s luscious black hair tightly in his massive grip. A sharp pain shot through her scalp as he yanked her head up, forcing her to meet his menacing gaze. The sight of her helplessness fueled his dominance, exhilarating him with each torturous moment.

“Worthless, ain’t ya? Can’t even stand on your own,” Smallz sneered, his deep voice dripping with contempt. The intensity of his words echoed through the empty room, amplifying the humiliation Kumiko felt. Kumiko’s face contorted with agony, her delicate features etched with suffering. Her anguished cries filled the space, echoing off the walls, as Smallz relentlessly applied pressure to her scalp. Each pull of her hair sent shockwaves of pain reverberating through her skull, making her scramble for a slim chance to escape his clutches.

With deft precision, Smallz’s hands shift from her head to neck, as he applied a two-handed choke lift

“FUCK!” Kumiko screamed, her voice strained and desperate as her air supply was ruthlessly cut off by Smallz’s hands. She clawed at his thick fingers, her nails digging into his flesh, but it was futile against his overwhelming power.

Smallz easily lifted Kumiko up off the ground by the neck and applied the choke. Kumiko gargled and struggled for air. her feet dangled at Smallz waist as she nearly touched the ceiling with how high he had her off the ground

The room seemed to spin around her as oxygen deprivation took its toll, her vision blurring at the edges. Kumiko’s struggles grew weaker, her body going limp like a ragdoll, as darkness threatened to claim her consciousness.

Smallz’s grip tightened mercilessly around Kumiko’s neck, his enormous strength effortlessly suspending her in the air. Her small frame seemed almost insignificant compared to his brute force, her feet dangling helplessly inches above the floor. It was as if he held the power of life and death in the palm of his hand.

Kumiko’s gasps for air turned into desperate wheezes, the sound of her struggling breaths becoming fainter and fainter. The excruciating pain of oxygen deprivation consumed her, her throat burning as she fought against the relentless grasp on her windpipe.

Her vision blurred, the room transforming into a hazy and distorted landscape. Panic surged through her veins, her body craving the precious air that was denied to her by Smallz’s unforgiving chokehold. Thoughts raced through her mind, a mixture of desperation and fear, as her body weakly jerked in a futile attempt to break free.

Knockoutman sensing that Kumiko was going out again, stepped in and raised her arm, and watched it fall limply to the side three times again. “All right Smallz, that’s another point for you she is out you can let her go,” he barked at Smallz.

Smallz laughed “I will let her go when damn well feel like it.”

Knockoutman’s intervention added a twist of sadistic anticipation to the already intense atmosphere. As Kumiko’s lifeless arm fell limply for the third time, a chilling silence enveloped the room. The resounding thud of her arm hitting the side of her body and just looking lifeless could send chills down anyone’s body, the thud echoed like a death knell.

A macabre grin crept across Smallz’s face, his sadistic delight evident as he refused to release his grip on Kumiko’s vulnerable throat. The torment of her unconscious body seemed to fuel his dominance, his laughter bellowing through the room like a symphony of sadism.

Kumiko’s limp form twitched sporadically, her limbs flailing aimlessly in a desperate attempt to find relief from the suffocating hold. Her body contorted in spasms, creating a haunting image of helplessness and torment.

Time seemed to stretch as Smallz reveled in the power he held over Kumiko, his grip refusing to loosen. The seconds turned into eternities, each one amplifying Kumiko’s agony.

Suddenly, as if snapping out of a trance, Smallz released his grip on Kumiko’s throat with a forceful shove. Her body plummeted to the unforgiving mat, her petite frame colliding with a sickening thud. The impact reverberated through the room, shaking the very foundation beneath them.

Kumiko lay sprawled on the mat, Kumiko’s body convulsed uncontrollably, her muscles spasming in a mix of pain and disorientation. Each convulsion sent ripples of agony coursing through her fragile frame, tormenting her with every involuntary movement.

Her limbs twitched and jerked, as if caught in the throes of an invisible battle within. The convulsions were a cruel reminder of the punishment inflicted upon her, each tremor a testament to the brutal toll the match had taken on her body and spirit.

Kumiko’s eyes rolled back in her head, her breaths coming in ragged gasps as she fought to regain control over her ravaged body. The room seemed to spin in a dizzying whirlpool, disorienting her further as the convulsions continued to wrack her weakened form.

As the cameraman captured the raw intensity of Kumiko’s torment. The camera panned just in time to capture the heart-wrenching sight of Smallz stepping back, a sinister grin etched across his face. Without a moment’s hesitation, he launched his massive leg forward in a brutal display of power, his boot connecting with Kumiko’s vulnerable stomach.

“SHIIITTT!” Kumiko shrieked, her voice filled with anguish as the impact jolted through her already battered body. The force of the blow sent her rolling onto her side, clutching her abdomen in excruciating pain.

The room seemed to reverberate with the echoes of Kumiko’s anguished cries, the sheer brutality of Smallz’s attack leaving her gasping for air. Each agonized breath she took only intensified the pain, her body wracked with aching spasms as Smallz reveled in his dominance.

With a sadistic gleam in his eyes, Smallz reached down and clawed at Kumiko’s scalp, his fingers digging into her hair like sharp talons. He mercilessly yanked her petite frame upward, forcing her to rise to a standing position, her pain-ridden cries echoing through the empty room.

Smallz took advantage of Kumiko’s vulnerable position, his leg swinging forward once again with lightning-fast precision. His heavy boot collided with her already tenderized stomach, the impact driving the wind from her lungs and causing her to double over in agony.

“Owwwwwww!” Kumiko howled, her voice raw with pain and despair as she instinctively clasped her stomach, desperately trying to alleviate the searing pain coursing through her body. Tears welled up in her eyes, blurring her vision as the torment intensified, her body trembling with the anguish of the devastating blow. Her grip on her abdomen was a feeble attempt to ease the suffering, but Smallz’s attack had left her helpless and at his mercy. The ache radiating from her stomach felt like a relentless fire, fueling her torment and reminding her of the sheer dominance Smallz exerted over her.

Smallz seized the opportunity, capitalizing on Kumiko’s doubled-over state. He stepped forward, his colossal thighs encompassing her head as he trapped her in a vulnerable position between his powerful legs. The camera captured the fear and confusion in Kumiko’s eyes as she found herself trapped and at the mercy of Smallz’s next move.

With a primal roar, Smallz wrapped his meaty arms tightly around her waist, his grip like a vice, and lifted her petite frame into the air. The sheer strength on display was awe-inspiring, as he effortlessly hoisted her upside down, her body suspended in the air, with her head dangerously close to the unforgiving mat below.

Kumiko’s muffled screams barely escaped the confines of Smallz’s thighs, the terror evident as she frantically squirmed in a futile attempt to escape his clutches. The anticipation hung heavy in the air, as everyone in the room braced for the bone-crushing impact that was about to follow.

In a display of sheer dominance and sadistic pleasure, Smallz swiftly dropped to his knees, driving Kumiko’s vulnerable skull into the mat with an earth-shattering piledriver. The resounding crack of flesh meeting canvas reverberated through the room, punctuated by the agonized screech that escaped Kumiko’s lips. The impact rattled her entire body, sending shockwaves of pain radiating through her from head to toe.

Kumiko’s body convulsed uncontrollably on the mat, her limbs twitching and jerking with the remnants of the piledriver’s impact. The convulsions intensified the agony she experienced, contorting her delicate form in a grotesque display of suffering.

A small trickle of saliva escaped from between her parted lips, pooling on the unforgiving mat beneath her. The sight was a stark reminder of her complete vulnerability and the brutal domination inflicted upon her by Smallz. Her limpness, like a puppet with severed strings, signaled her temporary defeat, the toll of the piledriver rendering her unconscious.

The room fell into an eerie silence, broken only by the sound of Kumiko’s labored breathing. Her body lay motionless, a testament to the excruciating pain she had endured throughout the match. The sight of her lying there, utterly defenseless and broken, was a powerful image of the torment and sacrifice that Kumiko had endured in the match.

With a sadistic grin stretching across his face, Smallz asserted his dominance over the unconscious Kumiko. He placed his heavy boot firmly on her chest, the weight of his massive frame crushing down on her fragile form. The impact elicited a gasp of pain from Kumiko, causing her body to twitch slightly in response.

“Count it!” Smallz’s voice boomed, his demand echoing through the room. He asserted his authority over the situation, confident in his own superiority as he arrogantly imposed his will upon the fallen Kumiko.

The Knockoutman obediently began the ten-count, each number punctuated with a powerful thud from Small’s boot on Kumiko’s chest. The impact reverberated through her unconscious body, exacerbating her pain and ensuring that she remained in a state of complete helplessness.

As the count continued, the atmosphere became increasingly tense. Smallz reveled in his sadistic control, his taunting laughter mingling with the anticipation of the inevitable conclusion.

“Ten”, exclaimed Knockoutman. “That is another point for you, and time is almost up.”

“Time is up when I say it is up” Smallz proclaims.

Smallz’s sadistic desires knew no bounds as he declared his complete authority over the match. With a swift and forceful kick to Kumiko’s gut, her unconscious body was jolted back to consciousness. A guttural gasp escaped Kumiko’s lips as the pain abruptly snapped her back to reality.

Her eyes fluttered open, filled with a mixture of confusion, fear, and sheer agony. The realization of her situation hit her like a tidal wave, her body still reeling from the punishment inflicted upon her.

Smallz leaned forward, his eyes narrowing into a menacing glare. “You gonna want to start screaming.” he growled, his voice dripping with sadistic delight. He reveled in the power he held over Kumiko, his dominance fueled by her vulnerability.

The ground seems to tremble beneath her as Smallz hoists her with effortless might, raising her high into the heavens before unceremoniously hurling her back down upon the unforgiving mat. The impact reverberates through the room, a jolt of thunderous energy that leaves Kumiko gasping for air. Agony consumes her body as she clutches her aching back, bearing witness to the might of Smallz’s brutality.

Standing tall like a behemoth, Smallz casts an imposing shadow over Kumiko’s vulnerable form. Every fiber of his being radiates domination and control, a predator reveling in the weakness of its prey. The camera lens captures the intensity of Smallz’s presence, immortalizing his dominance for all to witness.

With an aura of calculated precision, Smallz begins to toy with Kumiko, moving with the grace of a seasoned warrior. His actions speak volumes, displaying a sadistic enjoyment in dismantling his opponent both physically and mentally. Each deliberate gesture emanates a foreboding aura, as if Smallz is daring Kumiko to defy him.

Smallz wasted no time in subjecting Kumiko to further torment. He took hold of her slender legs and twisted her body into a cruel Boston Crab, an excruciating submission hold known for its agonizing pain. As the pressure mounted, Kumiko’s body contorted, her back painfully arching in an unnatural angle.

The room filled with Kumiko’s screams of torment, echoing through the empty space as she endured the excruciating hold. Smallz applied ruthless pressure, pushing Kumiko’s limits to their breaking point. The muscles in her spine strained, every fiber of her being screaming in protest as he bent her body further.

The sight was almost grotesque as Kumiko’s foot touched her head, her suffering reaching its peak. Tears streamed down her face, mingling with the sweat and dirt that clung to her exhausted body. The pain surged through her like a lightning bolt, rendering her defenseless against Smallz’s control.

Through gritted teeth, Kumiko’s voice trembled as she let out a strained cry of surrender, her spirit battered by the onslaught. “I…I give up!” she choked out, her voice laced with defeat and a piercing blend of agony and submission.

Despite the cries of surrender that rang out from Kumiko, Smallz remained engulfed in sadistic pleasure, refusing to release her from the excruciating Boston Crab. Knockoutman’s desperate attempts to intervene were drowned out by the overwhelming sounds of Kumiko’s screams and the fierce determination of Smallz.

The pain became unbearable for Kumiko as Smallz relentlessly kept the hold locked in, pushing her fragile body to its limits. Agonized sobs escaped her throat as she slipped into a haze of darkness, her body succumbing to the relentless torment. It was a terrifying sight to witness as Kumiko’s struggles grew weaker, her consciousness fading away.

The room fell silent once more, broken only by the heavy breathing of both Smallz and the unconscious Kumiko. Her limp form, tangled and broken, lay defeated in his hold, a testament to the lengths he would go to assert his dominance.

“You see that? This is the price of challenging me,” Smallz boasted, his voice laced with a combination of triumph and sadism. The once vibrant and determined Kumiko now lay motionless, a mere pawn in his vicious game of domination.

The cameraman, capturing the scene in all its cruel brutality, trembled at the sight before him. With a ferocious determination driving him, Smallz yanked the unconscious Kumiko back to her feet, showing no mercy or concern for her well-being. Her limp body flopped in his grasp like a lifeless doll, completely at his mercy.

With a thunderous roar, Smallz hoisted Kumiko high above his head, showcasing his immense strength and dominance. The room seemed to tremble in anticipation, knowing that what was to come would be nothing short of bone-crushing.

Then, with brutal force, Smallz unleashed all his power, driving Kumiko’s vulnerable form into the mat with a devastating powerslam. The impact echoed throughout the room, a sickening thud that seemed to resonate deep in the souls of those witnessing this one-sided display of dominance.

Kumiko’s unconscious form lay sprawled on the mat, completely motionless as pain coursed through her body. Her face remained contorted in a mask of suffering, her features twisted in a grimace of agony.

The deafening echoes of the bone-crushing slam reverberate through the hallowed chamber. Agony writhes through Kumiko’s being, her back a tortured battleground of intense pain.

Smallz, feeling the exhilaration of complete control, circled around Kumiko’s motionless body. He flexed his bulging 15-inch biceps, the epitome of power and dominance. The veins snaked across his arm, pulsating with raw strength as he prepared to deliver further torment.

With a grim determination etched on his face, Smallz siezed Kumiko by the back of her head, positioning himself behind her. He wrapped his monstrous arm around her slender neck, locking in a tight and unforgiving sleeperhold. The muscles in his arm bulged even further, exerting ungodly pressure on her fragile throat.

As Smallz tightened his grip, the once unconscious Kumiko began to stir, her eyelids fluttering in a desperate attempt to regain consciousness. But the lingering effects of the previous punishment left her weak and vulnerable, unable to mount any resistance against Smallz’s brutal assault.

Her body convulsed in response to the unbearable pain, the air seeping out of her lungs in panicked gasps. She was trapped, held tightly by Smallz’s devastating sleeperhold, her world growing darker with each passing moment.

Struggling desperately within Smallz’s unyielding grip, Kumiko’s body contorted and thrashed, attempting to break free from the merciless sleeperhold. Her once vibrant and determined fighting spirit now dwindled, replaced by sheer desperation as she realized the futility of her attempts.

With each passing moment, Kumiko’s movements weakened, her flailing limbs gradually growing limp. The strain in her face showcased the excruciating pain coursing through her body, an agonized expression of a wrestler being pushed past her limits.

As the oxygen deprivation took its toll, Kumiko’s once defiant struggles gave way to feeble, twitching motions. Her eyes glazed over, losing their sharp focus as the edges of her vision blurred. And in that moment of ultimate surrender, a thin trail of drool escaped the corner of her trembling lips, an undeniable sign of her impending unconsciousness.

Drenched in both sweat and despair, Kumiko’s body went completely limp in Smallz’s grasp, now entirely at his mercy once again. She had fought with every ounce of her being, but the sleeperhold had proven too much for her. The darkness of unconsciousness engulfed her, leaving her at the mercy of her tormentor.

Knockoutman, stepped forward to inform Smallz of Kumiko’s unconscious state. His voice filled the room, cutting through the sound of heavy breathing and the eerie silence surrounding the match.”Smallz, she’s out! Kumiko is completely unconscious,” Knockoutman declared, his tone solemn yet professional. “There’s only a minute left in this match.”

Smallz, towering over Kumiko’s lifeless body, took a moment to savor his dominance, his eyes filled with a primal satisfaction. He tightened his grip on the sleeperhold for a brief moment, ensuring that Kumiko’s sleep would last for the rest of the encounter.

With the utmost strength and care, Smallz lifted Kumiko’s unconscious body off the mat, slinging her lifeless form over his broad shoulder. It was a display of dominance and possession, a statement that he had dominated this bout from start to finish.

As the camera focused on him, a mischievous grin spread across Smallz’s face. He relished in this moment, wanting to make sure every viewer, every witness, understood the extent of his victory. With a flex of his colossal muscles, veins bulging and sinew rippling, he exuded power and triumph.

The camera angle shifted to capture the scene from behind Smallz as he turned, giving the audience a full view of Kumiko draped over his shoulder. Her body, limp and unresponsive, was a symbol of his absolute dominance, a testament to his physical prowess.

With the crowdless room serving as their stage, Smallz confidently marched towards the curtain, his heavy footsteps punctuating the silence. The camera followed, capturing every step he took, as the Smallz marched out of the room. Knockoutman could be heard

“And the winner, by complete domination… Smallz!” Knockoutman’s voice reverberated through the room.